Meeting Minutes - 2019

Club Meeting -- May 9, 2019

President’s Report:
The Board voted to reimburse the full cost of all island trips for registered players and coaches. The coaches handbook will be updated to reflect this clarification.

Vice President/ SCSL Director:
5 cancelled home games are currently being rescheduled.

Coaching Director:
Friday night make-up practice for this week (5/10) will be at Guv Fuller Field for a special event. Two FHS seniors have organized a training session featuring some high level coaches. The event will go on rain or shine. In case of rain it will be moved into the rec center. Sportspilot messages have announced the clinic and will tell players to bring sneakers in case they need to play in the gym. The regular Friday night make up session will resume at Morse Pond next week.

Equipment Manager:
The wheels have been put on the goal at 151. Sandbags, socks and shinguards have been delivered to the shed there. If you take equipment (socks, shinguards, ice packs) and notice the supply is low, please contact Lauren Warburton so that she can restock.

Field Manager:
Please look for and mark spectator line and technical boxes when lining field at Trotting Park (don’t do at FA or 151). Don’t leave paint cans at the field. Please take them home for disposal. No dogs at any of the fields. Please help keep all the fields clean and free of trash!

Tryout Coordinator:
1. Tryouts are scheduled at TJO sports. 2009-10 players - 6/03 and 6/11, 4:30-8 both days. 2006-08 players - 6/29, 8:30-2:30 - 1 day only. Coaches should contact Frank Mastriano to sign up as evaluators during those sessions and also to observe and evaluate players during games over the next couple of weeks (players not in the gender/age group you plan to coach). Coaches will be asked, as always, to rank players on their own team - top, middle and bottom thirds.
2. Some parents are concerned that June 29 is too late for tryouts given that school ends June17th this year and that June 29 falls on the first weekend of the Fourth of July week when many families may be traveling. Division one players have agreed to be available through June but if the earlier tryout dates work well for the younger groups, they could perhaps be extended to older players next year.
3. 2005 and older teams will be formed after the fall High School season.
4. A number of people suggested a pre-registration system for tryouts. We may not need to hold tryouts for all groups if there are not enough players. We will also know which age groups will require additional recruiting. While there was a positive response to this idea, there are more questions to address and little time to adjust the process for this year (flyers have already been approved and registrar is not currently set up to deal with pre-registrations). Further discussion is needed.

Other Business:
• No June coaches meeting
• It was suggested that the club offer more coach training. Currently available - GPS sessions with individual teams, License courses (may be out of town), MYSA lesson plans for all age groups, and video resources. Given the difficulty in finding coaches, the club continues to encourage licensing but does not require it.
• A water refill station will be installed at Trotting Park and other recreational sites around Falmouth. It should be operational for the fall season.

Club Meeting -- April 11, 2019

President’s Report:
- Coaches must have credentials to be on the sideline at games.
- It is important for coaches to have MYSA forms for all players on their team with them at games and practices.

Vice President’s Report:
In case of cancellation, coaches will be notified at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time (4 hours for island games).

Coaching Director’s Report:
- Friday night make-up practice will begin 4/12 at Morse Pond
- GPS has begun working with coaches and teams at practices. They are concentrating on new coaches first. Feedback from coaches has been good.

Equipment Manage’s Report:
- Coaches should bring 2 game balls for home games.
- Back-up materials are available in the shed at Trotting Park (extra socks and shinguards, ice packs, first aid kits, ball pump, scissors and velcro for net repair). Ice packs are available at 151 now and other items have been ordered and will be there soon.
- One of the nets at 151 needs new wheels.

Fundraising Manager’s Report:
Cheryl is working with the New England Revolution on group tickets.

Field Manager’s Report:
- When lining the field, please remember the spectator line and technical boxes.
- Take empty paint cans home for disposal; don’t leave them in the trash at the field.
- Re-lining emails go out weekly. Please let Anna know when your field has been done. FA should get lined on the morning of the game.
- We are guests of the Town and at FA. Please make sure to clean up after your team (and the visiting team if necessary).
- Dogs, weapons of any kind, and smoking are not allowed at any field.

Tryout Coordinator:
- Sports Pilot message regarding June tryouts will go out soon. Flyers will be distributed at elementary schools and Morse Pond closer to the tryout dates.
- Players born years 2006, 2007, 2008 will tryout 6/29/2019 at TJO Sports
- Players born 2009 and 2010 will have evening tryouts 6/03 and 6/11 at TJO Sports. Players are encouraged to attend both days but will not be penalized for attending only one.

Important Dates
5/09 next meeting
6/03 and 6/11 tryouts for 2009-2010 for 2019-2020 season
6/29 tryouts for 2006-2008 for 2019-2020 season

Club Meeting -- February 13, 2019

President’s Report
- Coaches must wear credentials to be allowed on the sideline at spring games
- Coaches must have MYSA forms for all players on their team with them at all practices and games
- There is a new fence around the fields at Trotting Park. No dogs are allowed inside the fence at any SCSL game. Signs will be posted and a SportsPilot message sent out.

Vice-President’s Report
- 2019 Spring Schedule of games will be officially posted in a few weeks

Coaching Director
- The 3 coaches who do not currently have assistants, each need to get one registered asap
- The last 3 GPS sessions at TJO sports will be open to both boys and girls. Sessions will be held during the February vacation

Equipment Manager’s Report
- Equipment has been ordered and will be distributed at field lining
- Extra ice packs will be available in the shed
- Coaches should check with players to make sure they have or have ordered uniforms
Lauren will check with Kelly about the deadline for ordering to ensure uniforms are available for the start of the season. Coaches do not assign numbers; there is a master list.

Fundraising Manager’s Report
- Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament Saturday March 9 9am-4pm
- Volunteers needed! Donations, baked goods. Contact Cheryl Gregory.
- A SportsPilot message will be sent but coaches should contact and organize their teams to participate in the tournament.

Field Manager’s Report
- Because much of Trotting Park is closed for the season, only 9v9 games will be held there. 11v11 games will be played at FA and 7v7 games at the Route 151 field.
- Field lining day will be Saturday March 16 9-12. All coaches must attend or find a substitute to represent their team.
- Coaches will line the fields during the season. Coaches are welcome to get parent volunteers to take on this task.
- Practice field space is really tight this season because of the closure at Trotting Park. The club is urging flexibility in trying to accommodate the needs of all coaches and teams.
- The D1 make-up practice (run by GPS) will again be held Fridays 5:30-7:30 this year at Morse Pond. This is open to all registered players but coaches should plan to attend and help out if more than a few of their players are participating.
- Coaches signed up for practice times.

Important Dates
3/09 Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament - Gus Canty Recreation Center
3/16 Field Lining (weather dependent)
4/06 Opening Day of the Spring Season
4/11 Next coaches meeting (tentative)
6/03-6/14 tryout frame for 2019-20 season younger age groups (mid-week)
6/29 tryouts for 2019-20 season for older age groups

Club Meeting -- January 17, 2019

President’s Report
T.J. reported that the new officers for the year are in place.
T.J. also announced that the updated by-laws are on the website.

Vice President’s Report
T.J. (for Ginger) reported that the South Coast Soccer League schedule will be available soon. Opening day will be April 6 although some games may be played the last weekend in March as a make-up slot. Games will be scheduled for both weekends of spring break – this does not mean teams will definitely have games both weekends, just that they could have them. The season ends the first weekend in June and the SCSL finals are the weekend of 6/15-16, with MTOC 6/21-23.

Field Manager’s Report
Anna announced that winter indoor practice will start soon. Practice for the older teams will begin in January at FA. The younger teams will get indoor time slots at MP and NFE in February. A time slot selection sheet was passed around the coaches in attendance.
Anna also announced that we won’t have Trotting Park for any 11v11 games or practices this year. We are seeking other sites but this will put a strain on scheduling.
Anna also said that March 16th was the target date for field lining and that coaches should start to line up volunteers now to help line the fields during the season.

Coaching Director’s report
Rich updated the coaches on the on-going winter training on Thursday night at TJO. We will alternate boys and girls each week to see how that works out.
Rich also stated that Global Premiere Soccer will again be working with our coaches on a rotating basis this spring.

Equipment Manager’s Report
Lauren said the equipment order form would be going out via email soon.

Fundraising Manager’s Report
Cheryl said the Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament will be held on 3/9 this year at the Rec Center. This is a new date as it being pushed back a week so as to not interfere with the Science Fair. Coaches are asked to spread the word as raffle items, donations and baked goods will be needed.
T.J. commented on how nice the group from FSC looked marching in the Christmas Parade.

2/13 next coaches meeting
3/9 11th annual Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament

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