Meeting Minutes - 2016

Club Meeting -- December 8, 2016

1. The opening weekend for the 2017 season is April 2, 2017. However, some games will be played the weekend before. No games are scheduled for Easter weekend, which is also the beginning of school spring break.

2. Rob Ryan, Field Manager, will be coordinating indoor practices. Please schedule through him. Space at Falmouth Academy is available Saturdays and Sundays. Lawrence school gym is available Monday 7-8:30 for one of the older teams and there will also be slots at Morse Pond and North Falmouth schools.
Outdoor practice days and times will be assigned at the February coaches meeting. Field Lining will probably be March 18. The club hopes to schedule all games at Trotting Park this year.

3. Equipment Manager Tom Lacey reminded coaches that ALL FSC players will wear the new black shorts for the 2017 season. Grades 2 and 3 players will need to purchase the new style jerseys as well. Replacement old style jerseys for the older age groups will still be available this year. Tom will coordinate an equipment order in mid- January. Look for a team order form by email.

4. Coaching Director: Most coaching slots have been filled. All coaches and assistants must be registered with MYSA and CORI’d. There will be a MANDATORY meeting for new coaches in January.

5. Frank Mastriano, Try-out Coordinator, handed out packets for D2 teams. D2 coaches need to get missing coach and player pictures to him as soon as
possible so that he can complete the player cards. Grades 2-3, 9-12 and any teams with roster openings are still accepting registrations. FSC currently has 23 teams. There is a Coach’s Manual available on the website.

6. Other – The field committee is currently on hold pending the town sponsored Field Use Survey. The question of whether there might be additional fields associated with the YMCA coming to Falmouth was raised.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Kirk

Club Meeting -- October 13, 2016

President’s Report

The slate of officers for 2016-17 is as follow:
President – T.J. Turner
Vice President - Erin Lewis
Secretary – Becky Kirk
Treasurer – Sara Turner
Registrar – Rick Chandler
Coaching Director – Rich Corner
Field Manager – Rob Ryan
Equipment manager – Tom Lacey
Referee Assignor – Frank Mastriano
Fundraising Manager – Cheryl Gregory
The vote to elect this slate was postponed due to lack of a quorum.

FSC will hold Uniform and Registration night on 11/03 6-8 pm. at the Rec Center.
• Registration will be open for Grades 2,3 and 9-12.
• Flyers will go out to the elementary schools within the week.
• It was suggested that information could be available at Falmouth Heights during the Grade 1&2 games.
• Coaches are urged to come and help out that night.

T.J. reminded coaches and players about the opportunity to attend the Revolution game on 10/23.

Vice- President’s Report

Fall playoffs will be 11/05-06 at the #1 seed’s site. Semi-final and final games will be on the same day.
• There are no play-offs for Grade 4.
• It is important to report scores on time. The playoffs will be set as soon as all scores are reported on 10/30.
• FSC has expressed the opinion to SCSL that it would be better to play 8 games in the fall than 6 with playoffs.
The spring season will begin 4/01 but games may be rescheduled to 3/25.

Field Manager’s Report

Coaches who are lining the fields should remember to paint the spectator line and technical boxes.

Rob Ryan will coordinate indoor practice times and locations.

MYSA insurance does not apply to indoor soccer leagues.

Equipment Manager’s Report

The club will begin phasing in the new style of uniform shorts beginning with Grades 2 & 3. The current style has been discontinued.

Coaching Director’s Report

Assignment of D2 coaching slots will be completed soon
All coaches and assistants must be registered with MYSA and CORI’d.
High school players under 18 who are assisting a coach do not need to be CORI’d.

Referee Assignor’s Report

FSC received a $500 donation from the Falmouth Road Race.

Fundraising Manager’s Report

Members of the club will once again walk in the Falmouth Christmas Parade on 12/04. Suggestions and participation are welcome.

New Business

• It was suggested that a Treasurer’s Report be included in the meeting agenda.

• There was discussion of the tryout and registration process. The following ideas could be considered to insure a fair evaluation of all players:
1. Schedule one part of the tryout during the week.
2. Have evaluators watch players in a full-field, real game situation.
3. Give more weight to coaches’ assessments especially if an outside evaluating group is used. Ask coaches to identify clear D1 and D2 players instead of top, middle, and bottom.
4. Get a collective assessment from all the coaches of a team, not just the head coach.
5. To help coaches get their players registered quickly, the club could have a digital camera at tryouts to take the pictures of those who do not bring one.

• Coaches are encouraged to attend licensing courses. Falmouth will consider hosting a course if there is enough interest.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm

Respectfully submitted, Becky Kirk

Club Meeting -- May 12, 2016

Meeting opened: 7:05

President’s Report

Falmouth Night at the Revolution 5/21
Joe Kirk Tournament – send T.J. an email if you know of a family to be considered for proceeds
Tryouts 6/25 and 6/26 for 10s-14s
Tryouts all day both days, schedule out soon
D1 commitment runs from 7/1 to 6/30
Moving to birth year teams, not school year teams, per USSF and MYSA
Teams based on ages for the year 2017
Anyone who can’t make it to tryouts but wants D1 consideration must email T.J. with explanation

Vice-President’s Report

Many reschedules, please cooperate if your practice is impacted
Fall Season: 6 games with playoffs

Fundraising Manager’s Report

“Passback” project on-going for gently used equipment
Coaches need to consider liaison position for their teams
Like us on Facebook (icon on FSC site)

Referee Assignor’s Report

Zero tolerance
Many games back-to-back, trying to keep them on schedule

Field Manager’s Report

Remember to lock the trailer


6/4 final weekend of regular season
6/9 June coaches meeting
6/18 SCSL D1 semi-finals and finals
6/19 SCSL D2 semi-finals and finals
6/24-26 Mass Tournament of Champions
6/25-26 FSC tryouts

Meeting closed: 8:20


Club Meeting -- February 11, 2016

Presidents Report
Joe Kirk Tournament 3/5, volunteers and donations needed
Cape Cod Soccer Academy added to Summer Camps link on website

Coaching Director Report
MYSA-led coaching clinics 2/6, 2/13, 2/20
On-line F license needed for all head coaches; Club will reimburse the $25 fee

Fundraising Manager Report
Language being developed for Team Liaison role
Cumberland Farms fund raising event well underway

Referee Assignor Report
Zero tolerance will be adhered to by the Club
Commitment documents will be reviewed at the March meeting

Equipment Manager Report
Equipment exchange took place before/after meeting

Field Manager Report
Spring practice sessions were chosen

Next meeting 3/10/16
Field lining 3/19/16


Club Meeting -- January 14, 2016

I. President’s Report (Erin for TJ)
a. March 5th: Joe Kirk Tournament-plan ahead and tell your teams
Let us know if you know of someone or a business that would like to donate a raffle item

II. Vice President’s Report (Erin)
a. SCSL Updates
i. U11 and U12 D 2 games 1 ref minimum, Falmouth will still most likely use 1 center and 2 ARs
ii. Multiple rostering- MA Youth Soccer BoD decided to remove the restriction on multiple rostering for age 15 and above
iii. MA Youth Insurance does not cover any indoor leagues including Futsal in the state-it does cover indoor practices including those at an indoor facility
iv. Heading-Due to recent lawsuits, rules regarding heading will be forthcoming
v. Changes to Manual & Rules of Play-Make sure to read it when distributed in March
b. US Youth Soccer Initiatives
i. Teams- Birth year definite for 2017-2018; 2016-2017 will be a transition. SCSL has recommended we switch, MA Youth may decide to switch already or do a transition
ii. Field sizes may change for 8v8 and 11v11 for next soccer season
iii. Team formations: 6v6 and 8v8 most likely changing to 7v7 and 9v9
c. Important Dates
i. Feb 8th reschedule period of U8-U14 ends; However there will be reschedules allowed (if both towns agree) after this date. Schedule will lock Wednesday the week before game at 9pm
ii. Feb 28th Final Schedule Posted on Website
iii. Season Opens: April 2nd;Extra games have been scheduled for March 26th (Easter Weekend)
iv. No games scheduled April 16/17, first weekend of April Vacation
and May 28-May 30, Memorial Weekend
v. June 5th Spring Season Ends
vi. June 7th: Play Offs begin
vii. June 11th and 12th Friendship Games U8-U10
viii. June 24th-26th MTOC

III. Coaching Director Report (Rich)
a. Still need 2 coaches for U10B and U11B
b. All head coaches are now required to get their F license online-We will reimburse all coaches (head and assistant) the fee ($25)
c. Coach training & Player development will be conducted by MYSA
2-4pm @ TJO Sports An hour for each age group
Feb 6- U8&U9&U10
Feb 13- U11&U12
Feb 20- U13&U14
SportsPilot message will be sent
Coaches come and participate/ask questions
d. New Coaches meeting on January 27th, 7-8pm at WEBB Research

IV. Registrar’s Report (Rick)
a. Email has been sent regarding coaches that need to register or get CORI’ed, please complete ASAP

V. Fields Manager (Rob)
a. Indoor Practices- space has been tight
Let Rob know if you want to get practice at Morse Pond
b. If it snows, cannot practice at Falmouth Academy
c. Morse Pond will be available for Spring practices 5 days a week
d. U8s and 9s at NF
e. Field Lining will be on March 19th

VI. Equipment Manager (Tom)
a. Order forms will be emailed soon, need back by Jan 27th
b. Ask Tom if you need pinnies before including it on your order
c. Bring in any unneeded equipment to the next meeting

VII. Fundraising Manager (Cheryl)
a. Xmas Parade was great, 30 kids showed up
Some parents & coaches have ideas for next year
b. Fundraiser with Cumberland Farms-Email was sent via Sports Pilot Minimum $1000 @ the new one on 28 in Teaticket
January 21st form 4-5pm
Cumberland Farms donates 10 cents from every cups of dispensed beverage sold (iced coffee, hot coffee, fountain soda, frozen chill zone & brewed tea) directly
c. We raised $100 from 99 fundraiser

VIII. Referee Assignor Report (Frank)
a. Thanked coaches for protecting younger referees and honoring Zero Tolerance Policy

IX. Questions
a. It was suggested we try to talk to the Youth Baseball league (Tom Hawkins) and some other Falmouth leagues for scheduling coordination-we will reach out again

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