Meeting Minutes - 2015

Club Meeting -- October 8, 2015

President’s Report
Nearly all coaching positions have been filled (Coaching Director to review). Uniform and Registration night is set for 11/12 for U8s and U9s and others; all coaches are asked to help out if they can. On-line registration will be available shortly.

Vice President’s Report
There is a new CORI and registration process in place and all coaches need to complete the process before coaching. MYSA insurance covers indoor soccer clinics and practices but not games. U15+ will now be allowed to dual roster with MAPLE/Premier leagues. Make-up games from postponements need to be coordinated through the VP and the SCSL.

Referee Assignor’s Report
Many players that went to try-outs have yet to register on Sports Pilot. Now that the coaches have been named they should help with the process. D2 rosters have not been finalized and won’t be until we have a better idea of actual numbers by age group.

Coaching Director’s Report
Most D2 coaches have been selected. A few coaches are still needed on the boys’ teams. We are working with MYSA on Coaching and Player Development programs for the off-season – details to follow.

Fundraising Report
Monday 10/19 is FSC “Dining for a Cause Night” at the 99 Restaurant where 15% of the guest check goes to FSC. The coupon/flyer was sent via Sports Pilot and must be presented at the time of purchase (dine in or take out). 12/6 is the Falmouth Christmas Parade and FSC will again participate.

Other Discussion
Coaches commented how well the summer clinics were done. FSC will look into updating our forms to include a line about allowing player pictures to be used by the club on our site and Facebook.

The next meeting is set: 11/12 - Uniform and Registration Night.


Club Meeting -- August 13, 2015

President�s Report
TJ reviewed the meeting he had with the Rec Department and reiterated the need for the Club to work closely with them on our activities. He encouraged all FSC players, especially the D2 players, to sign up for the Rec program. He also encouraged the D2 coaches to contact Joe Olenick if they have an interest in coaching.

Vice-President�s Report
TJ (for Erin) reported that opening day for the fall season will be 9/12. Erin has emailed the D1 coaches with the Got Soccer information and no problems have been reported.

Equipment Manager�s Report
Tom encouraged coaches to check their equipment and let him know if they need anything. He reminded the coaches that they should each have two game balls.

Field Manager�s Report
Rob reviewed the Trotting Park layout and said all practices for the fall will be at Morse Pond. He will be contacting the D1 coaches soon about practice schedules.

Coaching Director�s Report
Frank (for Rich) pointed out that practice is not mandatory for the fall season. He encouraged all D2 coaches to get their players registered as soon as possible so we can have a better idea about teams. Several D2 coaching positions remain available and anyone interested should contact Rich. D2 rosters were then reviewed with the coaches in attendance.

Other Business
Several coaches discussed interest in fall tournaments. Maria Demeo spoke about her attempts to put together a small D2 program, potentially putting a few games together with local clubs� D2 teams. The idea was well received and she will get back to us when it comes together. The next meeting is set for 9/10/15.


Club Meeting -- June 9, 2015

President’s Report
T.J. Turner reported that the new officers for the year are in place as of 7/1/15.
T.J. announced that the Club had awarded four$250 scholarships to Falmouth High graduates from the class of 2015.

Vice President’s Report
T.J. (for Chris/Erin) reported that the South Coast Soccer League needs teams declared by 7/14 and that there is a SCSL meeting on Thursday 7/16.

Equipment Manager’s Report
Tom Lacey asked to be contacted by any coaches that still had equipment that they would like to return.

Referee Assignor’s Report
Frank Mastriano reported that 40 volunteers are needed to work at the Falmouth Road Race on 8/16. A SportsPilot message has been sent with sign-up instructions.

Other Comments/Issues
Becky Kirk made a point to say that she received several compliments about the tryouts. Compliments were directed both toward the organization of the tryouts as well as the objectivity of evaluations.
Rui Correia asked that careful consideration be given as to what level (D1 or D2) we place our teams.

Coaching Director’s Report
Rich Corner introduced a Saturday morning clinic for all FSC players beginning 7/25 from 8:30-10:00 at Trotting Park. The clinic will consist of training stations and end with scrimmages. Coaches and older players are asked to help out and contact Rich directly.
Rich announced that the coaching assignments for the ten fall D1 teams was just about finalized and would be in place before rosters are posted on the website Sunday (7/12).
Frank and Rich reviewed rosters and tryout results with the coaches to help finalize rosters to be posted on the website on 7/12.

Upcoming Dates
7/12   D1/D2 rosters posted
7/25   Saturday morning summer clinics begin
8/13   Next coaches meeting
8/16   Falmouth Road Race

Club Meeting -- May 14, 2015

SCSL Update- Chris
- Meeting Monday
    SCSL president goes to MYSA mtg then comes back and talks to SCSL
    Dual roster players U/15+ -couldn’t dual roster before, the state at their meeting said NEP or Super Y are allowed to dual roster because they don’t fall under MYSA. Maple does fall under MYSA
    Coaches have some kind of online requirement for CORI; process may now be automatic once you register
    75% of your roster needs to be from your town
    for MTOC cannot have more than 18 on a roster; U18 girls has 19
    Chris did discuss getting late fees/fines earlier; it won’t be til Summer again til we get that information
    It appears we’re doing well reporting scores on time; Let Chris know if you are having any issues
- The coach reporting the score also needs to report yellow/red cards for both teams
    U8/9/10 Friendship games: Boys U8 in Norton, U9 in Westport; U10 in Somerset; Girls no town for U8 & U9; U10 Norton
    Fall League Updates
- 9/12 Starting weekend; Finish 11/7
- U9-U14 Division 1 & Division 2
- Declaration Day is undecided currently 7/5, 7/9, or 7/15
- Team fee is $50
- Roster submission will be sometime in August, probably first week
- Schedule will be out 1st or 2nd week in August
    Zero Tolerance issues
- Falmouth has been great; no issues with parents, coaches, or players
- 2 U 8 boys coaches were suspended in the league
- 2 U13 girls coaches were suspended in the league
- Some issues with parents, but having a difficult time with
- Referee suspended for not having control game-severe injury in game, not submitting game card, alcohol breath
- U11 game in Falmouth where the other team won 5-1; there was another ball that went over a parent berated the ref after the game
- If one of your players gets a red card; the player needs to leave the field completely they also cannot be on the sidelines of any game that they are suspended from
- Tom’s player got a red card for “swinging at a player”
- Sportsmanship committee reduced the 3 game suspension to 2 game suspension
- Recommended to ref assignors that Refs do not ref their own child’s game
- TJ asked if the refs’ names were logged- in case you have an issue with a ref

FSC Board Update- TJ
- New positions on the board will not take place for the most part until after tryouts; however some are happening sooner due to moves, etc.
- Chris is stepping down as SCSL liaison, let us know if a parent or you may be interested

Coaching Director Update- Frank
- Referees-if anyone has had any issues with home referees or any feedback. If you don’t know names, you can just tell Frank a name. Any feedback would be appreciated
- Looking for more adult referees
- We have no control over away referees, but we can give feedback- we alerted another town that a ref may need some more training
- League is being serious about zero tolerance
- Club does give $$ tournaments for Memorial Day weekend; if anyone is going to a tournament during this weekend, let Tom know- we give $100 towards it
- Lacrosse nets should not be touched
- Score reporting has been great-we are expecting no fines this year
- We have had zero issues with parents- the tone we are setting is rubbing off on the away teams
- Frank is only getting attendance from a few, it’s just helpful to be aware of who is coming. You should be enforcing the commitment policy. Don’t stress about getting Frank the attendance, just do the honor system. Coaches can verify with Rich asking if their players were at the Friday practice.
    Eric let Frank know that Baseball is thinking of doing a commitment policy as well
- Coaches should send a reminder for tryouts which will be MTOC weekend 6/27-6/28
    If team is at MTOC, will use last home game as tryout
    A coach asked if had to be that weekend, because she has other kids
    We lost the free weekend between season ending and playoffs
    Tom C wants to reinforce that the commitment policy is through the end of Junes
    Derek said we’re having issues with game commitment rather than practice commitment
    For next meeting, Frank would like coaches to bring their player evaluations-on your rosters, rate top 1/3, middle 1/3, and bottom 1/3; also identify goalies and rate them separately. Also double check jersey numbers on rosters
- We’re going to be volunteering for the Falmouth Road Race again this year. Send an email out to your team to see if anyone is interested. For U12s and above. August 16th. FSC adult supervision
- Next month’s meeting is critical because we are planning tryouts and it will be Frank’s last time to 'fire coaches'!

Field Manager Report- Rob
- There will be a portapotty at North Falmouth field. It needs to be locked when no one is on the field. 6781 combo
- Remember to lock sheds, sheds have been left open on all of the fields
- We will be installing a snow fence on the end of the 8v8 at Trotting Park
- Rec worked with us to get the snow fence from the DPW

Equipment Manager Update- TJ
- TJ has ordered ice packs; let TJ know when they get load
- We have extra Joe Kirk t-shirts

Open Discussion- Coaches
- A coach asked about the 15s next year
    TJ said that 15s are formed in the Fall based on interest
    Frank said we need to form the team next year.
    Rick said coach can form team but will register in the Fall
    Chris suggested getting close to 18 because of high school soccer
    Coach asked about the 14s-Rick said we discourage players on the same team from different schools
- TJ asked who is playing in tournaments because he needs to hand out patches

- TJ will send out an email commending Falmouth on the great job with zero tolerance and score reporting.
- Eric brought up the issue with his team and thanked the board in particularly Frank

Important Dates
- CC Challenge Cup: 5/22-5/25
- Next Meeting: Thurs 6/11
- Tryouts: Sat/Sun 6/27-6/28
- Library Book Sale: 6/28-7/7
- Run Jack Run: Sat 7/4

Club Meeting -- March 12, 2015

I. Joe Kirk Tournament-Derek/TJ
A) Great turn out; numbers were up
B) Ran out of 250 tshirts
C) About 40 kids didn’t get shirts
D) We have a recipient in mind, let us know if you know of someone deserving, it can be split

II. SCSL Update-Chris
A) MTOC Tournament
i. Will be on a Sat, Sun, Mon now after the end of season in June
ii. No information yet on wildcards
B) Concussions
i. Email Chris, once you have completed the concussion training
ii. Question asked about club policy: Chris said there is a sheet at the end of the training with helpful tips
C) Fall League
i. All teams now need to be declared by July 20th
ii. Proposed teams: U10, U12, U14 with division 1 and 2
D) Season
i. 3/28 and 3/29 games moved to 6/13 and 6/14
ii. 4/4 games are moved to 4/18
iii. Schedules are not up yet as they are trying to move the games
E) Reschedules
i. Email Chris if you need one
ii. In your email include team and game info and three possible dates

III. Coaching Director Updates-Frank
A) Log on to Sports Pilot and check out your roster; some kids have not been contacted yet
B) Things You Need Before the Season
i. MYSA forms- gives us clearance to medically treat kids
ii. Commitment form signed by parents
iii. Code of Conduct form signed by parents
iv. Make sure your players have uniforms: maroon and white jersey (if we have to change because of another team)
v. Copies of Rosters: 2 for each game with shirt numbers; will get master copy of roster in packet from Rick
C) Outdoor Practices: do not begin practices outdoors at any of the fields until it has been cleared by Tom
D) Games
i. Need: MYSA forms, pass cards, rosters, white shirts, pinnies (in case entire team do not bring their white shirts; at home games also need balls, ref fees
ii. If you’re the first game on the field, put out the flags; if you don’t see another team, put away the flags
iii. Shed combo: 6781
iv. Game scores need to be reported within 48 hours; recommend doing it the same day; otherwise we get fined
v. Read about subbing rules in the Coaches handbook
vi. No adults or kids that do not have cards can help at practices
vii. Control blowouts
viii. Hard or soft cast- cannot play in game, but can safely practice
viv. Earrings are at the discretion of the referee but most do not allow: newly pierced ears, take them off before game and then put them in after
E) Commitment; Coaches take attendance beginning 4/6
i. U8 and U9: there is no commitment
ii. Division 2 teams: Practice 2x/week; Players must go to one to play entire game; if they attend none, they can play half
iii. Division 1 teams: Practice 2x/week; Players must attend two to play entire game; if they attend 1, they can play half
iv. Friday makeups are for anyone
F) Goal Keeper Training
i. Mondays: March 30; April 6; April 13; April 27;
May 11
ii. 4:30-6:00 for everyone on March 30 and then for beginner/intermediate; 6:00-7:30 advance
iii. Counts as a practice
G) Zero Tolerance
i. No spectator coaching from the sideline
ii. No addressing referees by spectators or coaches AT ALL during game (except for player injury)
iii. Will be strictly enforced

IV. Field Lining Day-Tom
A) March 28th
B) A representative from each team is expected for 2-4 hours worth of work
C) You’ll get a token to exchange for registration packets and equipment
D) 1 person needed to layout North Falmouth field on 3/26; Rui volunteered
E) 2 people are needed to layout Trotting Park fields on 3/27; Becky and Gary volunteered
F) Falmouth Academy
i. Keep track of time used and collect money to give to Tom
ii. Just found out that North Falmouth is $40/hr; moving those teams to FA because it is cheaper
G) You will be responsible for lining 1 or 2 fields during the season
i. Parents can be recruited to do this; can give them the 6781 shed combo; verify they do it
H) Question asked if lacrosse is still using Trotting park on Tues and Thurs: Yes, they have yellow lines marking their field

V. Questions
A) Question asked if uniforms were in: Uniforms are expected next week; an email will be sent when they are in
B) Question asked about Paul Turner: we will set up another Paul Turner session during a couple practices
VI. Important Dates
A) Saturday March 28 Field Lining Day; rain date: March 29
B) Saturday April 11 Season Starts
C) Thursday April 16 Next Meeting

Club Meeting -- February 12, 2015

I. Coaching Director Update - Rich, Frank
Coaches clinic 2/28 1:00-3:00 at TJO Sports Center
1) U10 Div 1 boys will be there as an example
2) Everyone should have MYSA forms with them during practices and games; they are also permit medical treatment
3) Goalie Clinics Mondays: 4:30-6:00 (beginners) and 6:00-7:30 (more advanced), hoping to start around 3/23 at Trotting Park; for Div. 1 players goalie clinics counts as one of their practices

II. Cape Cod Expo - Mary
1) Sat 4/11 12:00-4:30 at Balleymeade Country Club; whole bunch of activities, demos, and talks
e.g. tennis, golf, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, spinning, fitness training, meditation, gymnastics, dance, rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding. Main speaker: Suni Williams, astronaut
2) Sun 4/12 Cape Cod Trail Race with Kids Fun Run

III. Joe Kirk Tournament - Derek, TJ
1) Make sure you email teams with schedule; we’re also looking for volunteers; looking for food to sell
2) Looking for raffle items and donations
3) Question was asked about outside players being allowed; need to find out about insurance
4) Players get shirts but we use pinnies
5) Kids need to play in sneakers and shin guards

IV. Outdoor Practice Day/Time
1) Lottery to select practice time, day, and location

Club Meeting -- January 15, 2015

I. Introductions (Derek)

II. Overview for Coaches (Frank)
a. Club has grown a lot of new coaches and new players.
b. Also have a lot of resources who have been in club for a long time
• Mary Ryther, past President
• Becky Kirk, past President
• BIll Andrade, also high school coach
c. Board has been hardworking
• Fresh new ideas coming
• Board changes and additions coming
d. Support and resources available
• By laws and Coach’s manual all available on the website
• helps with problems that may arise
e. Coaches can come to Frank (coaching director) help with practices, etc.
f. Equipment issues can talk to TJ
g. If you have trouble reporting scores or playing a game talk to Chris, SCL director
h. Fields practice space or to schedule scrimmage talk to Tom C
i. Referee issues talk to Frank, referee assignor
J. If none of the above helps you, see the president, Derek
f. Coach’s responsibilities
• Player commitment is through the end of June. Div 1 teams can go to MTOC which is the end of June. Players are responsible for being available to you through end of June as told from the club
• Monthly coach’s meeting. Try to attend as many as you can or send a representative. Next month is a critical meeting
• Field lining day is March 14th. Will get pass cards and rosters on that day
• Teams will be practicing twice a week. Outdoor practices typically start first or second week of March
• Indoor practices are not mandatory
• Joe Kirk is an indoor tournament is March 7th.
• Responsible for lining the fields. Tom will give out the schedule. Can have an asst coach or parent do it
• Put out flags. All fields have a shed. First game of the day please take out flags and last game of the day please put them away
• Home games: Make sure nets are set before games
• Home games: club will give you a check for the four home games. Divide the money into envelopes. Make sure money is divided example $35 for center and $20 for each AR.
• Reporting scores. You have 24 hours to report your score online. Club will be fined if it not done. Also must report yellow and red cards
• Give evaluation of your players at the end of the season to assist when we evaluate at tryouts.
• Help out at tryouts. You will be given a neutral team: one you haven’t coached or are interested in coaching

What you’ll need:

• WIll need equipment
• Prior to the start of the season you will need MYS registration forms for each player (medical release) will need at every practice and game in case child needs to be treated
• If it is missing tell them to print from website and turn it in before they practice
• Game card/2 Rosters each game/Pass cards are required for players to play
• Membership cards for the kids if they want them
• Code of conduct forms
• Need players with complete uniforms: email team to make sure have people check actually open the dresser
-Tom suggested have them practice with them to check uniform and Derek said that is great because you need to write their number on rosters

• Bring white shirts or have pines. Home team must change if there is a color conflict
• Question asked: What about clothing underneath?
Most referees are ok. Prefer same color
-Derek also said socks-socks should be same. Frank said sometimes that’s how a call is made
Chris said extra socks and shin guards are a good idea most commonly forgotten

Player Commitment

• u8, u9, u15 and above there is no commitment. High school sports take priorities
• Player commitment is through the end of June. Div 1 teams can go to MTOC which is the end of June. Players are responsible for being available to you through end of June as told from the club
• Player commitment forms Div 1 players need to come to 2 practices to play who game. 1 practice means half game
• Div 2 players only need to attend 1 practice to play in the game
• There are Friday make ups- not a punishment. Players can also come for extra practice
• Coaches hand in Div 1 attendance sheet so we know how many to expect on a Friday
• Rainouts. everyone gets credit for that day
• if they are sick and miss school – excused
• injury –excused
• Playing time
-Div 2 everyone should play at least half the game
-Div 1 there is no longer a half game requirement. playing time is earned
g. Tournaments: There is no penalty for a player who can’t make a tournament
h. Sportsmanship and Zero tolerance
• Lines for spectators to stay back from field helps calm things down
• Sportsmanship is important
• Zero tolerance: if a coach/parent questions a call, one warning for the team and then next person to be booted
• Rui raised an issue about an incident with his son that happened at a game last May and zero tolerance wasn’t followed
-Frank responded Zero tolerance says no one talks to ref unless it is a matter of safety
• Don’t complain about a call until away from field
Coaching from the sidelines is the same thing. Parental sideline coaching interferes with the game Referees can tell them to stop if they don’t they can be booted
i. Concussions
• There is a course to take
• If player has a concussion need a doctor note to return to play

j. SportsPilot
• Can go on to see your roster
k. No uncarded players or coaches at games or practices. No parents or players can help or play if they do not have a card because of the insurance liability. AT ANY FSC event
l. Don’t put anything in an email that you don’t want the world to see.
m. Coaches cannot cancel games once the schedule is set. If you have a problem talk to Chris. There is a reschedule period.
n. Try to control your blowouts. When score is maybe 6 or 7 to nothing try to switch it up to not inflate the score
o. If you want to go to a tournament, ask club for money; we have some money
p. Do not have scholarships players pay for anything, talk to club

III. South Coast Soccer League Updates (Chris)
a. Zero tolerance is in the bylaws. Coaches are responsible for parents. Ref tells coach to talk to parent that it’s enough
b. All coaches and asst coaches must take online concussion course. Some printouts at the end about symptoms. Chris will send an email with website. Let Chris know when you take it for SCSL
. Emailed today about schedules. No times yet. Check with parents, etc. let Chris know to get a reschedule date.
c. Got soccer program. League uses it for scheduling, scores, carding. Chris will send everyone their username and password You will be responsible for putting your roster into Got Soccer. Email will be sent on how to do that There is an APP to put the score in from your phone.
d. As the season gets closer. Chris will explain more about Game card and rosters.. Game cards eliminate any questions about scores
e. Go to There is a link with the calendar for playoffs also check rules of play and by laws
f. Also will be a book at beginning of season with all of the policies
g. Rainouts. Chris will get a call from the director from the away town and Chris will let you know. Have to be told 3 hours before. Home games Chris or Frank will check fields here
h. Chris will send out email for island games

IV. Indoor Practice Info (Tom)
a. IF you want to practice indoors talk to Tom
b. Practices at FA
• kids have two pairs of shoes. Indoor/Outdoor shoes to not track dirt in gym
• any snow cancel practice
• small key gate at road may have to open. no more cars lock it up
• bigger key for doors
• lock all inside doors and shut off lights if no other team is there
• valuable place we need to take care of it
• can tie up blue curtain if you have the whole gym
• make a habit of checking the FA website for any events. same with practices at public schools
• if someone from FA shows up, pack up nicely. Let tom know about confusion
• $30/session obligated for all sessions unless snow or you get cancelled by FA
• Combo for sheds is 6781
• Next meeting is important to choose practice days (div. 2): 2 time slots
• Rec may be closing 11v11 field-unsure right now which will impact practice time
• Kids can come extra on Friday at 4:30-6:00 at trotting park

V. Equipment Orders (TJ)
a.TJ emailed about equipment orders.
Any that have not been emailed were asked to be passed in now
b. Question about bulk ice packs: they will be in the shed
c.No equipment til March ask TJ if you need anything before then he might have some residual

VI. Voting of Officers (Derek)
a. Annual meeting means voting of board members
term is June 30-end of next year
b. any incoming will shadow until end of term
c. Positions
o President: TJ Turner
o VP/SCSL: Chris Leboeuf
o Secretary: Erin Marie Lewis
o Treasurer: Tom Campbell
o Registrar: Rick Chandler
o Coaching Director: Rich Corner
o Field Manager: Jason Charlton
o Equipment Manager: Rob Ryan
o Fundraising Manager: Cheryl Gregory
o Referee Assignor: Frank Mastriano
• All were in favor of voted positions

VII. New Fields Initiative (Cheryl)
a. Field committee has honed in on a property, made a proposal Rec committee has blessed it
b. moving forward to build complex on property going before selectmen
c. Agusta property-been looking at the property for a long time
d. No large structure can go on it because of waste water
e. Drawings include 6 fields. Entrance next to falmouth lumber and stretches to brick kiln
f. Plan is to come up with money to maintain but will get it at no cost
g. solution to field issue: a lot of time on them, damaged, time issue
h. Bare with fields now do not complain to rec or dpw
i. ~$600,00 for maintenance
j. George Liles offered his assistance for grant writing
k. A lot of volunteer work, some money spent for printing
l. Question about timeframe:
• big funding in line-Cheryl afraid to say
• Tom is worried about selectman, working on PR strategy
• makes sense to us but maybe not make sense to them
m. question: once the funds are secured when can we move forward to selectman within a year
• Upgrade to property cedars will be transplanted, bring in loam. pretty level
n. Talk to Cheryl if you have any input

Important Dates to Remember
1. Next Meeting Thurs 2/12 @ 7pm
2. Sat Joe Kirk- 3/7
3. Sat 3/14 field lining day rain day 3/21
4. Sat 3/28 Season starts

VIII. Question about PTUSA coaching clinic:
• Answer: we are talking about it
• Tom asked for a show of hands. majority raised their hand

VIV. Question about licenses:
• Answer: pay up front and we will reimburse
• go to MYSA website for information
• G is online

Adjourned at 8:45pm

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