Meeting Minutes - 2012

Club Meeting -- September 26, 2012

SCSL update (Chris)
-Referees need to recertify by Jan 1st
-Want nominations of female and male coach of year recreation and travel soccer
-MA doesn’t want U8 teams to travel more than 20 miles, but SCSL will continue to violate policy
-Oct 15th annual general mtg anyone can go
-Timeouts during games
-No more waivers to play down. Any waivers (ie. geography) need to go to Chris to bring to director to approve/disprove

CORI (Rick)
-Must be done online, takes about 5 mins using Korrio
-CORI needs to be completed and clear before you begin coaching
-Still need to complete electronic signature if cleared from previous CORI (good for 5 years)

Fall tryouts (Frank)
-U14 time change to accommodate games
-Coach application must be completed
-Licenses are still not required but are strongly encouraged
-You may submit your roster of last year players evaluated to have some input
-Objectivity is main goal during tryouts
-You should not be on field evaluating with your proposed team
• Show up half hour before tryout
• 3 evaluators on each team, boys and girls tryout at same time
• Drills are predetermined
• You will receive evaluator form and what to look for, immediately turn in after tryout
• Results will be posted on web site 2 weeks after last tryout
• Reserve right to cut players if there is no space
-Revolution stuff raffle during tryouts to recoup money loss from poor ticket sales

Next Revolution game is October 20th

Club Meeting -- May 10, 2012

Present: Mary, TJ, Renee, Derek, Tom C., Amy P., Chris, Rui, Sam

Kirk Tournament 2012 Recipient & More Wrap Up:
• Devin has not yet contacted the potential family
• Derek asked if we should just move forward with our plans to give them the money even without Devin speaking to them first about the medical issues
• TJ had already spoken with the family in a casual way to make sure it would be okay if they were chosen as recipients, but he did not make any promises that they would get a donation (father is sick with cancer, and family is having financial struggles)
• Derek is going to call the family and talk with them about it, then a board member (maybe Derek) will present them with the check of the Kirk Tourney proceeds

Bullying Prevention:
Mary had a bullying incident occur in the parking lot before she had gotten to the field a couple of weeks ago. A parent told her second hand about the issue but she did not witness it. She spoke to parents and others on how to deal with this. Mary wrote out for her team what the consequences would be for her team specifically.
• The Falmouth Public Schools has a Zero Tolerance policy regarding bullying and it was suggested that this policy should act as an umbrella policy and cover all kids activities. Mary suggests we adopt the school’s policies and the Club should operate under the policy once we have read it. Mary: “I recommend that FSC work a brief statement into the Coaches Handbook suggesting how to prevent and/or deal with bullying in the future. We may want to reference the Falmouth Public Schools document on the subject.”
• Amy P. explained that the key point about bullying is that it is a repeated behavior.

End of Season Survey:
Let’s have one in place by the final weekend of the season. We would like a volunteer or two to work on this and take some of the load off the board members. We have past surveys for reference.
• TJ said he would take this project on
• He will talk with Greg Lanoue ( who did the survey a couple of years ago for the Club
• Anyone that has suggestions of questions and topics to include should contact TJ at

Fields Report:
Four cases (12 cans / case) of field lining paint came in last Friday-should get us through May. We may need additional to finish the season. Eboni has extra shed keys if anyone needs one. Are there any problems to report with field-lining? Eboni said "Morse Pond seems to be sparsely getting done, but our game fields are more important in my opinion. Right now, the fields look like they need a little TLC. We are treading heavily on both the Trotting Park fields and Morse Pond.”
• Derek and Chris were going to talk with Eboni about ordering paint in larger amounts for the discounted bulk prices

Play-offs & Tournaments:
New playoff process in effect this year—all Div I and II playoffs will take place at Mariner the weekend of June 16 and 17. SCSL has wild card teams for MTOC. Friendship Tourney planning is underway and dates TBA (likely either June 9 or 10)
• Teams that are attending Memorial Day Weekend or other tournaments as a team may request funding from the Club to offset some expenses – contact Mary at

Run Jack Run Family Fun Run/Walk:
1.2 mile run/walk in memory of Sam’s brother, Jack Pearsall, on July 4 starting at 9 AM. The race is from Falmouth High School soccer field, down Gifford Street to Trotting Park Fields where pick-up soccer games will be held. Families and teams are encouraged to sign up to participate together. Copies of Registration & Sponsorship Forms are available at the Rec Center. Those who register by June 10 will be guaranteed race t-shirts. Contact Sam at if you would like to help out or need more info. Visit and see the Facebook event “Run Jack Run” or “Jack Pearsall Memorial Fund” page for more details.

FSC-Revolution Partnership – Revs tickets for sale!
Annual FSC Night at the Revs is June 16 – game time is 7:30. Teams, families, and friends are encouraged to go and all will be seated together in great Category 2 seats. Show support for your Club and team and plan to attend this fun annual event! Tickets are discounted at just $22 each which includes parking. Contact Chris to reserve your seats ASAP!
Revolution Tickets for sale: contact Chris LeBoeuf
Sect. 105, Row 5, Seats 6,7,8,9
Date Day Time Opponent Buyer Cost
19-May Sat 7:30 Houston Dynamo $115.00 w/ parking
16-Jun Sat 7:30 Columbus Crew $115.00 w/ parking
30-Jun Sat 7:30 Seattle Sounders $115.00 w/ parking
14-Jul Sat 7:30 Toronto FC $115.00 w/ parking
4-Aug Sat 7:30 Sporting K.C. $115.00 w/ parking
12-Aug Sun 7:00 Montreal Impact $115.00 w/ parking
29-Aug Wed 8:00 Chivas USA $115.00 w/ parking
5-Sep Wed 8:00 Columbus Crew $115.00 w/ parking
22-Sep Sat 7:30 New York Red Bulls $115.00 w/ parking
20-Oct Sat 7:30 Chicago Fire $115.00 w/ parking

Youth Soccer’s “Excess Soccer Accident Medical Expense Benefits” program may be used if one of your players gets injured during a club-related soccer activity. The insurance program provides coverage after the player’s other medical plans have made their payments. See

Club Meeting -- April 12, 2012

Present: Mary, Derek, Sam, Ed, Tom, Frank, Matt, Amy, Rick, Becky, Chris, Maurice, Barbara

Kirk Tourney Wrap Up
• Derek reported that we raised around $1,800 with some money still coming in. There were roughly 120 kids participating which was slightly down from last year. The raffle was successful.
• Derek says we do need a bit more participation from teams and coaches and he would like to get nearly half the club to participate (this year we have almost 400 players which would mean his goal would be nearly 200 players)
• The Chbarbi family received the money raised from last year’s event that was rolled over to this year when we could not find a recipient (2 families did not want to accept it)
• Another family might be receiving the funds raised from this year – Devin is working on discussing it with them
• Ed suggested having the older teenagers play in the middle of the day as an exhibition game next year
• Discussed the need for planning earlier and setting a date well in advance
• Amy suggested that at Registration Night we could give 'Save The Date' cards out to families

Start of Season Topics
• Reporting scores – only the home coach reports the score, must also have center referee and opposing coach sign the Game Card each week
• During the first week, Chris said there were just 3 teams that did not post scores but he was able to do it as an admin
• You may also call in the score versus inputting it online. There is also a QR code to scan w/ Smart Phones and it will take you to the page to input your score
• The Pin # and Event ID are same for every team and every game, but the Game # is unique
• You can sort the master schedule by Field, Team, Age Group, etc on
• Scores must be reported within 48 hours of the game time to avoid a fine from the league
• If you have questions regarding score reporting or GotSoccer, contact Chris Leboeuf at

Roster Changes
• Mary mentioned that a U9 boys team did not have enough players due to injuries and players going on vacation
• We discussed whether a player from another U9 team can play with them since it’s noncompetitive at that level
• We decided that as long as the referees and other coaches were aware and the players had pass cards and were registered and insured that it would be okay
• The deadline is May 16 for new players to be added to teams

South Coast Report
• If any referees would like to ref at MTOCs in June they should contact Chris or Frank
• Friendship tournaments:
• GIRLS - U8 in New Bedford, U9 in Barnstable, U10 in Mariner
• BOYS - U8 in Fall River, U9 in Swansea-Somerset, undecided for U10
• SCSL will give $500 to a club to host the tournament
• Chris explained that the playoffs at the end of year will be held at Mariner fields for all Div 1 and Div 2 teams that qualify, same weekend and same location, starting the week after the season ends
o More details to come
• Reporting infractions
o Referee reports need to be submitted for any misconduct infractions (yellows and reds)
o Home coaches must also report both teams’ infractions (use codes from bottom of game card for the specific infraction number)
o Coaches can do this when inputting scores to right of that column you put in yellows and reds
• No U8 and U9 teams are reporting scores
• U15 and above teams have until the end of April for any reschedules through Chris
• U14 and below is closed for reschedules (unless it is a school event, or religious activity)
o Chris said he is able to change the time of a game, but not the game day
• Both coaches and center referee must sign the game card with the score
o Coaches should hold on to all signed rosters or game cards until the end of the season in case there’s any issue with the score or game afterwards

Practice Fields
• There has been some confusion about which practice field is for which team during the practice time slots.
• Please review the Practice Schedule and Field Lining Schedule to know where you and your team should be and when you must line your field. Both are available on the website at
• We discussed lining the very center section of the Trotting Park fields where the 6v6s used to play (informal 6v6 practice space)

Field Lining, Shed, Equipment
• Eboni has extra paint which is now in the shed
• If coaches need keys to the shed please let Eboni know so we can give you a copy
• The first team to get to the fields on game day must put out flags for your field. At the end of day, if you’re the last one at the fields put your corner flags away and lock the shed
• Sandbags – are very small and we need more? Mary will talk to Eboni to order more
• Maurice said the practice nets 11v11 in the left hand corner are in really bad shape, dangerous? Do we need to replace them or just get rid of them?
• Derek mentioned that the wooden fence near the 8v8 field is also in really bad shape and needs to be fixed or removed.
o Mary will talk with Joe O. about it and go from there
• Frank is still working with people at FA and a check will be sent for the use of the gym for winter practices

Frank would like coaches to provide feedback to him about referees when necessary

Playing Time
• There is a section in the Coaches Handbook regarding playing time
o Any coach who is unsure about the policy should review the handbook and familiarize him/herself with FSC and SCSL expectations and policies
o All players should be receiving close to a MINIMUM of half the game in playing time
• Ed and Becky talked about different ways to sub players in to be sure they are seeing adequate time (i.e. dividing the game into even time segments and sub everyone at the same time)

Falmouth’s Spring Clean-up Week
• FSC will once again participate in the Spring Clean Up in celebration of Earth Day (April 22). As we’ve done for the past several years, FSC will help clean-up Trotting Park, including the access road to the fields, and along the running/walking track.
• Coaches, please try to organize a team effort to help. You don’t need to tackle the whole park! There are plastic shopping bags hanging inside the shed if your players need collection bags for debris. Please spend a few minutes this next week, April 21-28, and help beautify our home field!

Club Meeting -- March 8, 2012

Present: Mary, Derek, Frank, Maurice, Renee, Rick, Tom C., Kevin, Tony S., TJ, Chris L, Paul, Rui, Jason

F License Course: We recapped the course. It was held in Falmouth and well attended. Everyone who attended took away some good information and ideas. We might try to host another course next year. There is a possibility that all soccer clubs in MA will soon be required to be licensed.

Field Lining Day March 17 at Trotting Park at 9 AM
We will be changing the second 11v11 field into 2 6v6 fields
We discussed shifting the fields to not conflict, particularly the far 11v11
Joe Olenick at the Rec says we are fine with laying out the fields
All coaches or a team rep are expected to attend for at least a couple of hours in the morning

Annual Kirk Tournament March 24 at the Rec Center, 9 AM – 5 PM
We have 12 t-shirt sponsors at $125 each
Graphic Art class at FHS came up with 45 designs for the Kirk Tournament logo
We discussed various ways of how to break up the age groups from the tournament
Voted on the artwork; Design #33 Katherine McGrath, with the runner up Stefan Pina (Design #8)
Prize for the winner - $100
Tony S. and others talked about advertising and sponsorship ideas
Send a message to a player in the printed program for $10 donation
In the future think about a Title Sponsor to name the tournament
We all decided we are going to eliminate the skills contests and add more playing time
Derek will follow up with Devin regarding Artie’s Concessions
Chris said the Revolution will have a table with mascot
They will be selling team night tickets
They may be giving away tickets/prizes as well
We talked about possibly creating a tournament patch for next year
There was discussion about potential recipients of the funds raised

Away Games to Islands
We discussed travel logistics and expenses for away games on Nantucket and MV
There are a limited number of discounted Fast Ferry tickets for large groups like ours (players and coaches only--family and siblings pay full price)
Contact the away team coach in advance, the parents pick you up at ferry dock and bring to game

SCSL Report
Reschedules -- Chris is working on over 20 reschedules currently
All reschedules must be completed by 3/22… Chris needs to know by 3/20
MTOC Wildcards for 2012: U12 Div 1 Girls, U18 Div 1 Girls
Score reporting has not been set up yet
For scheduling, visit
We will not be using the phone Team Hot Line service this year (the company went out of business)
Chris mentioned other clubs moving away from balanced teams, so there are not many teams in each of the balanced team division. Our teams will play the same teams more than once

Referee Assignor
Gus Stickley will be the Falmouth Ref Assignor until Frank is able to get recertified
Frank will be Assistant Referee Assignor, but continue to use him as the primary contact for referee issues or questions
We discussed the use of Assistant Referees this spring to save money
U10 and below will not use ARs, just have one center referee
U11+ will use 2 ARs plus a center referee
Last year U12 and below ARs were paid by check a couple times a year, Frank suggested we pay them more frequently this spring (weekly or biweekly) which the Board agreed to do

Club Meeting -- February 9, 2012

Present: Adam, Derek, Renee, Jen, Tom, Amy, Billy, Rui, Ed, Maurice, John, George, Kelly, TJ, David, Corey, Lee, Erich, Eboni, Mary, Bob, Becky, Matt

Drawing numbers for practice times. Each coach gets the option of 2 time slots for practice. See attachment for practice schedule from Field Manager Eboni Briscoe.

Trotting Park - M/W/F
2 11v11 fields
2 8v8 fields

Morse Pond - T/Th
1 8v8 field

Dates to Remember:

Next FSC Meeting will tentatively be March 8

Annual Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament will be March 24
– Please contact Derek Silcox if you would like to volunteer with any part of that event

Field Lining Day for All Coaches will be March 17
- All coaches’ equipment and uniforms will be distributed at Trotting Park that day

Club Meeting -- January 19, 2012

Present: Mary, Maurice, Rick, Rui, Tom, Adam, Becky, Jenn, Derek, Frank, Renee, Amy P., Chris, Jason, Paul, Kelly, TJ, Sam

Next meetings: February 9 – Selecting team practice schedules for the spring (Choose from: Mon, Wed, Fri), March 8, April 12, May 10, June 14

Christmas Parade: Renee Katziff coordinated the FSC walking group this year which was a big success. 20+ kids & 7 adults who volunteered. We should try to keep that going for next year. A big thanks to Renee!!

Indoor Training: Frank Mastriano will lead some winter training sessions for the younger age groups. Some sessions were not well attended by club last year because coaches had their own practices. Discussed maybe 3 Saturday afternoons toward the end of February/beginning of March. Decided not to open sessions up to Rec and other kids due to insurance issues. Frank will put together a plan for this winter’s sessions to review with the Board. We will needs volunteers, contact Frank at if you would like to help.

Treasurer’s Report: Barbara Almeida gave a very thorough report. Please contact her at if you would like the financials emailed to you.

Coach Education / F Licensing Course at Falmouth: FSC plans to host a MYSA F Licensing Course: We have sent a tentative date for Feb 11 and need 12 people to commit to attend. The Club reimburses you for taking the course, but you will need to pay online upfront. Please email Mary Ryther ASAP if you plan to attend the course on February 11.

The F Course is designed for the novice coach who has some experiencing coaching players from U8 to U12. It is intended for those who coach or who intend to coach U10 or U12 teams. All FSC coaches are strongly encouraged to earn at least their G License (link to all MYSA coaching courses here: ) and F Course is recommended for all as well!
• Prerequisite: G License (You can take online in approx. 2 hours and can stop and save your work and return to it along the way)
• F Course is 8 hours involving both classroom and field/gym work
• Bring a soccer ball, notebook, pen, water, snacks and dress to play
• In order to run the course we need 12 pre-registered participants

Team Equipment Survey & Distribution: Derek Silcox will be sending out the annual survey for needed team equipment to each coach this weekend. It is due back to him NEXT FRIDAY 1/27. Derek would like everyone to understand that if allocated $140, coaches DO NOT need to spend it all unless necessary. At our next meeting coaches may bring equipment to swap if there’s anything you no longer need or is not age appropriate that is still in good shape. Equipment will be distributed to coaches at Trotting Park on March 17, which is Field Lining Day (all coaches are expected to participate and volunteer some time to help line and set up the fields for the start of the season).

NE Revolution Partnership: Chris Leboeuf led this program in its first year last year and recommends sign on again this season. He said it is great for the kids to get involved in watching professional soccer, it also raised $387+ for the club.

How it works: FSC buys 4 season tickets, 90 tickets for one game which is Team Night. We get a jersey, ball to raffle off or use as we like. Various events for coaches, players, and refs take place during the year but we did not take advantage since the timing was usually not great for our Club last season. This year is the same program except season tickets are $1 more per seat. Instead of buying 10 opening day tickets, we must purchase 100 tickets for Team Night. We also have the option to sell 2 group nights of min. 50 tickets each.

South Coast Recap: Chris, our SCSL Rep, said the league is currently getting pass cards together FSC was one of the first clubs to get our stuff back. Thanks to all the coaches and their efforts to get this done so smoothly! Chris advised to try to keep adds/drops/changes to a minimum to avoid feeds.

The General Meeting for MYSA in Westford March 10th for anyone interested in attending.

US Youth Soccer event at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston It runs from Feb 16-18 and 1-day pass is $25. Link for info is here:

Brian Trainer, State Youth Ref Coordinator, wants to get a group together from each league to discuss issues.

The new Webmaster for SCSL is working with Got Soccer, and working on a new website. This season will be a combo of the current website and Got Soccer pages (including scheduling).

Please email Chris about conflicts so he can try to schedule your games accordingly, including religious or school functions. There may be games on Saturday before Easter, Chris will keep everyone posted once the league comes up with the schedule.

Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament: Derek Silcox is working on this again and Saturday, March 24 is tentatively the event date. Need plenty of volunteers, a committee should convene in early February. Contact Derek to join the committee or help in any way. Derek would like ideas to make the tournament MORE like a tournament. Tom C. suggested making times for the drawings for each age group instead of everyone in the same room for prizes, etc at the same times. Derek has talked with Falmouth Sports Exchange about printing the shirts and keeping the costs low.

Update on funds raised last year: The Board tried donating the money to 3 different families and neither wanted to accept. We still have the money to donate and ask that everyone keeps ears/eyes open for a family/player who may need some help.

Injury Prevention Session: For parents and/or teenage players is in the works. To be discussed: ACL injuries, concussions, proper ways to head the ball, teaching coaches to determine if a player may be concussed, other? Mary has been talking with Tim Wakefield (FHS trainer) but would like help in planning this, contact her if you would like to help. Rui Correia mentioned that MIAA offers a test for coaches for free, more info is here:

FSC Scholarships at FHS: Becky Kirk will be again coordinating this and asked if there were any changes anyone would like to make to the application. We offer scholarships to FHS students and the high school committee selects recipients—we will continue to use this method. Students are eligible by virtue of having played in FSC, and must be seniors going into freshmen year of college. Becky will be more specific about the number of years they have played.

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