Meeting Minutes - 2009

Club Meeting -- December 10, 2009

Present: Mary Ryther, Mike Jones, Tom Saudade, Rick Chandler, Barbara Almeida, Tom Campbell, Lee and Debbie Gove, Cara O’Connor, Carl Cavossa, Greg Lanoue, Becky Kirk, Maurice Tivey, Jason Small, Sam Pearsall

Team Declarations:
• Cleaned up issues with number of registered players and coaches
• Mary advised that all coaches find an assistant coach
• Already have approximately $20,000 in the FSC account from credit card registrations

Registration Progress:
• U14 Boys going to Div 2

• U15—U18 Girls
o U15 is full with 18 players
o U16 has about 13 or 14 players, possibly 16 with 2 girls from the u15 age group
o U18 has 11 registered players, possibly 13 with 2 others (Mike will make announcement at SCSL meeting

• U15—U18 Boys
o U15 is full with 18 players
o U18 needs all players to register

• U08 Boys have about 12, U08 Girls have about 9—Need to confirm this program
o Potential towns to play informally: Sandwich, Mashpee, Bourne
o In-town practices, scrimmages, round-robin style
o Uniforms? $12-$15 for two T-shirts

• All team player cards: everyone (coaches and players) MUST be registered in SportsPilot before Rick can create player cards for you and your players
o Players do not need to sign cards, only adults
o Rick will make the cards and coaches add photos

Winter Indoor Training:
• Devin wants to organize the training curriculum
• We can rent space for 4-5 hours for $30/hr at Mullen Hall on Sundays—don’t want to conflict with Rec games
• 8-12 years old age groups with mixed boys and girls sessions
• Need volunteers to lead the sessions

MYSA Coaching and/or Licensing Courses—Sam will research this, goalkeeping clinic?
• G Course: Prerequisite for more advanced courses, U08-U10 focus (options: online course, $35 or live course, 4 hours $30)
• F Course: focus on U10-U12 players (8 hours $55) – several seemed interested
• E Course: for experienced U10, U12, U14 coaches (16 hours $85)
• D Course: for experienced U12, U14, U16 coaches (36 hours $300)
• Specialty Clinics: 2 hours each, $150 with minimum of 10 attendees, many topics (i.e. defending, finishing, specific age groups, speed of play)

Upcoming FSC Events:
• Holiday Soccer Gear Drive to benefit the Service Center, drop off bin at Rec Center
• 2nd Annual Joe Kirk Memorial Indoor Tournament in March 2010

SCSL Calendar:
• Schedules to be published by Jan. 15, then everyone must let Mike Jones know of any conflicts to reschedule (religious, school events, etc)
• Saturday 4/3/2010 – Season opens: games will be played including those that are normally played on Sundays
• Sunday 4/4/2010 (Easter Sunday) – no games scheduled, but teams MAY choose to reschedule games on this day ahead of time
• April School Vacation Weekends – games will be scheduled on both weekends
• Memorial Day Weekend – no games scheduled, but teams MAY choose to reschedule games on this day ahead of time
• Sunday 6/6/2010 – regular season closes

Club Meeting -- October 15, 2009

Present: Mary Ryther, Becky Kirk, Mike Jones, Tom Campbell, Amy Peterson, Tom Saudade, Greg Lanoue, Devin McManus, Kathryn Rose, Debbie & Lee Gove, Ed Furtek, Renee Katziff

1) Board Position - Secretary, solicitations for interest: Sam Pearsall nominated, seconded, and accepted the position.

2) Treasurer Report - Barbara Almeida was unable to attend this evening, but is addressing any outstanding invoices and clarifying balances. There have been no deposits for 2010 Spring season yet.

3) VP for Field Operations - Tom Saudade reported success moving the 18-foot goals to Morse Pond and appreciation was expressed to FSC by Morse Pond School for this loan.

• Our expectation is that the MP field will be available for practice next spring

• New goals at Trotting Park have wheels and all coaches using these goals this fall are asked to wheel them back off the field to the designated safe area when you’re done. Once fall soccer is done nets to be removed and goals chained.

• Anticipate new netting needed for 11 v 11 goals. Who will purchase is a question, as multiple organizations use FSC nets and goals (Men’s & Women’s Amateurs, Lawrence School, etc.)

4) SCSL Report - Mike Jones and Amy Peterson - U09 will have Div 1 or 2 or balanced options. U10 and above only Div 1 or 2 options. Not sure about U08 plan as of now.

• Important meeting Tuesday, Oct 27 for all age group coordinators to begin deciding team compositions in various age groups

• All coaches should contact Mike Jones directly BEFORE the SCSL schedules are posted if there are any concerns about placement in a Red or Green (East v West) division, or if you have problems with travel to the islands for games

• Last year FSC was fined substantial $$$ for failure of our teams to make their games on Nantucket, and the Club can ill afford to waste our player's registration fees on such matters. So again, coaches notify Mike Jones of any issues along these lines ASAP

5) Tryouts - Tryouts for U09–U14 were held this past weekend, Oct. 16th and 17th

• Meeting Tuesday, Oct 20 at Rec Center - ALL AGE GROUP COORDINATORS or their designee please come with this information: MYSA forms, number of players, proposed team designation (Div 1 v 2).

6) Uniform Night (with VP Operations Greg Lanoue) will be Thursday, Nov 12, 7-9 pm at the Rec Center, and will coincide with the next FSC monthly meeting. Flyers will be handed out at tryouts. This will also be the date and time of the U15-18 age group Registration Night.

7) Scholarship/Financial Aid - FSC voted to adopt a new format for any player seeking “scholarship” (i.e. waiver of registration and/or uniform fees). A completed form will be required and reviewed by the Board of Directors. The new form was adopted with minor modifications. Unless the form is completed by a parent and submitted to the Club, all players registered are expected to pay dues, currently set at $90 for the Spring 2010 season. Mary will work on the form with the board and have it ready for registration.

8) Older Age Group issues:
• Kathryn Rose says the U16 girls can field a team - awaiting confirmation
• Debbie and Lee Gove are working on combining U17 and 18 girls and await feedback from last year's U16 Falmouth girls playing for Bourne.
• Mary Ryther says the U15 boys have a full team and are raring to go. U16 boys do not have enough to form a team and may need to combine with Mashpee again this year.
• Tor Clark expects a full team of U17/U18 boys

9) Winter Training Program for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th graders
There was discussion about whether to hire MPS again vs. a FSC-run model (e.g. fall sessions run by McManus, Ryther, and Campbell). Issue s are cost ($130+ with MPS) vs. time constraints for FSC personnel. The goal: to have FSC run a skills clinic for 8 weeks at the FA gym IF the gym can be secured for a weekday (M – Th ) evening and at least 8 coaches will commit to running the clinic. An FSC committee will provide the curriculum of skills and drills for each age group. Any coach interested in running the program must contact Mary or Devin before the end of October to allow enough time to set up a home-based program for our players to improve.

Club Meeting -- September 16, 2009

Present: Rick Chandler, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Samantha Pearsall, Greg Lanoue, Tom Saudade, Renee Katziff, Amy Peterson, Frank Mastriano, Tom Campbell, Mary Ryther, Rui Correia, and Chris LeBoeuf

New FSC Officers
Treasurer – Barbara Almeida, 1st VP – Greg Lanoue, 2nd VP – Tom Saudade

Fields & Equipment
6’-6” x 18’-0” Goals
• Older goals will be taken to Morse Pond as a “gift from FSC”.
• New 8v8 KwikGoal goals will be purchased for Trotting Park. We have a budget of around $3,000, however Rui offered to try and get a better price through his friend at WeGotSoccer. Note: As of 9/19/09 plans have been made to buy through WeGotSoccer and FSC should have the new goals next week.

FSC Tryouts
To be held the weekend of Oct. 3rd and 4th at Trotting Park. Six fields have been designated (one full field and 2 partial fields) on Saturday from 12-2 pm, 2-4 pm, and 4-6 pm, and also on Sunday from 10 am-12 pm, 12-2 pm, 2-4 pm, and 4-6 pm. Becky Kirk and Sam Pearsall will work together as the girls coordinators. The coordinator for the boy’s side is pending. A meeting (including age group coordinators) to organize teams will be held on Wednesday, October 7th.

Evaluators at tryouts: Greg, Rui, Frank, Renee, Amy, Sam, Mary, Chris Mosher?, Julie Lamson?, Ed Furtek? Additional volunteers please contact Mary if you will help out as an evaluator at an age group other than your own. In general, our goal is to have 2 independent evaluators per group in addition to the coach. Boys & girls coordinators will help to assign evaluators.

Tryout promotion (led by Becky Kirk):
• Information table will be at Trotting Park Saturday, Sept. 26 and Saturday, Oct. 3
• Handouts to be sent home with kids in grades 2 to 6 next week
• All info about tryouts will be posted on the website ASAP

2010 Spring Coaching Assignments
U08 – Becky Kirk, Chris Mosher
U09 – Chris LeBoeuf, Candice Hernandez
U10 – Amy Peterson, Dayna Meissner
U11 – Tom Campbell, ?
U12 – Ed Furtek, Amy Peterson
U12D2 – Jackie Ferrari (?) Tom Saudade, and Greg Lanoue
U13 – Frank Mastriano, Devin McManus
U14 – Al Gagnon, Julie Lamson
U15 – Sam Pearsall, ?
U16 – Maurice Tivey, Kathryn Rose?
U18 – Lee Gove (?)
May need additional coaches for 2nd girls U10, U12 teams.

U08 – Kevin Mulvey, George Liles
U09 – Renee Katziff, ?
U10 – Mike Bishop, Jeff McGuire
U11 – Abdul Faiky, Carlos Santos
U12 – Phil Dascombe, Stefan Sievert
U13 – Rui Correia, John Child
U14 – Mark Grosenbaugh, Corey Blondin
U16 – John Murt (?), Mary Ryther
U18 – Jorge Mendes, Tor Clark
*May need additional coaches for boys’ u9 and u10 teams.

Possible pool of volunteers: Bill Andrade, Jackie Ferrari, Jarita Davis, Jessica Clark

Upcoming/Ongoing Events
• Skills Training Sessions - boys and girls grades 5 and 6, Monday evenings beginning Sept 28, continuing for 4 weeks. Will need 3 FSC instructors each night. Contact Devin McManus for more information or to volunteer.
• Fall & Winter indoor leagues offered in Plymouth, Bridgewater, and New Bedford.
• Kirk Memorial Tournament to be held in March 2010
• Community Involvement: Looking for parent or coach volunteers to help to coordinate/initiate FSC participation at various community events including road races, spring clean-up, etc. Please put volunteers in touch with Mary. For example: 46th Annual Falmouth Christmas Parade - can we get a parent or coach to volunteer to organize the entry of a Falmouth Soccer Club “Children’s Walking Unit” in the Christmas Parade? Parade date is Sunday, December 6th at 12:00 pm.
• Club trips/Incentives – Need volunteer(s) to organize trips to Revs, Breakers and/or college soccer games or other soccer events. Our kids should watch more soccer!

Next Meetings
• Meetings (for sorting teams) after tryouts will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 7th and, if necessary, at the next monthly meeting on Thurs, Oct. 15th.
• General monthly meetings have been changed to Thursdays, so the next is Thurs. Oct. 15th

Club Meeting -- June 10, 2009

Present: Becky Kirk, Mary Ryther, Mike Jones, Tom Campbell, Amy Peterson, Chris Leboeuf, Michelle Lino, Tom Saudade, George Liles, Mark Grosenbaugh, Rick Chandler, Barbara Almeida

The League report was presented by Mike Jones. 1) For playoffs, home coach pays the referee. For neutral field, the coaches split the referee fees. Falmouth coaches will be reimbursed by the Club. 2) Next year U08's will not be allowed to play up on U09 teams. Also, U08 teams may only play teams that represent neighboring towns.

The Coaching Director's report was presented by George Liles. 1) Over the last 3 weeks, Club teams have won well over 50% of their games, which is a big turnaround from the beginning of the season. Overall, we have seen a significant improvement based on won-loss record. There is still concern about several age groups. For the future the Club should look at doing the following:
1) Encourage year round play - school, rec, dome, Cranberry League
2) Continue professional training with focus on U08, U09 and U10
3) Recruit parent managers to handle team administration and organization so coaches can concentrate on coaching
4) Review procedures for handling problems between players, parents and coaches
5) Make sure all try-outs are open every year and emphasize that the Club sets roster size and picks the players with input from evaluators and coaches
6) State that we will place players on a team only where we have appropriate teams for them, but have a development program for kids that we don't have teams for
7) Run a development progam for U08s

Discussion on team formation: Michele Lino discussed issues with the formation of the U11B2 team, which consisted mostly of U10 boys with a couple U11 boys. It
was felt that, while having hard and fast rules is not the best way to go, great care should be taken in the future in forming teams based on two-year age groups. Some situations work and others do not.

Discussion on tryouts: It was felt that tryouts should be run utilizing outside evaluators, either club officers who are not coaching that particular team or, better, using outside professional coaches. The coaches of a particular team could still participate in some way. This will be discussed further in the fall, before October tryouts.

Club Meeting -- May 13, 2009

Present: Becky Kirk, Mary Ryther, Mike Jones, Tom Campbell, Frank Mastriano, Amy Peterson, Chris Leboeuf, Tor Clark, Greg Lanoue, Kevin Mulvey, Rui Correira, Ed
Furtek, Abdul Faiky, George Liles, Mark Grosenbaugh

The Treasurer's Report was presented by George Liles. We have spent $25K this year and we have a commitment to pay another $1.3K for MPS coaching. We also have some referee expenses remaining. We took in $27.7K from tuitions. So our tuition from spring play is considerably less than we expected. After we pay the few
expenses we have left, we will have spent just about what we took in. If we spend $2,400 on tournaments and if we give high school scholarships, those will come out of the cash on hand that we began with, $9K.

The League Report was presented by Mike Jones.
1) The league will be reimbursing up to $30/game for 8v8 lines people for the remainder of the season. This should figure out to $450 of unexpected revenue to Falmouth Soccer Club. Mike will have to track the games and submit for reimbursement.
2) The league will be distributing to the clubs all monies in the bank in excess of $20K (after approved expenses) at the end of the season. Best estimate is this will be an additional $1,000 - $1,500 to FSC.
3) Reminder: teams should be prepared to play mid-week playoff games.
4) Coaches should retain player cards at end of season. There is a proposal before the league to accept prior year player cards instead of birth certificates each year for proof of age.

A new Vice President in charge of fields was appointed. He is Tom Saudade who is presently Greg Lanoue's assistant coach for U12G2.

A draft of the "Parent Survey" was handed out, and the phrasing of the questions was discussed. We also discussed how parents would submit their filled out forms
- either mailed directly to the club president or submitted online. This is still to be worked out.

The club reiterated its commitment to help pay for tournament entrance fees. If you are taking your team to a Memorial Day weekend tournament and have not already notified Becky Kirk, then you need to do it now to qualify for reimbursement. The $2,400 budgeted for tournament fees will be split among the tournament teams up to the cost of the tournament.

Ed Furtek described the soccer program in Haiti to which our old uniforms are being donated. He also mentioned that the kids in the program needed cleats. Greg Lanoue said that the VIPS equipment sale of last month had a number of soccer cleats leftover and he would arrange to get them to Ed for donation.

Amy Peterson asked about fall travel soccer, specifically about age groups and tryouts. A team playing in the spring would move up one age group for the fall. Teams do not have to have tryouts but should try to be fair about including all kids from the club who want to play. All kids would still have to go through tryouts for the spring travel teams.

George Liles led a discussion of how the club is doing competitively so far this spring. We are still losing more games then we win. Some of the girl's teams are doing well. Most of the boy's teams are struggling. There was not enough time to have an in depth discussion of the causes and what can be done to improve things
for both boys and girls.

Club Meeting -- January 14, 2009

Present: Rick Chandler, Rui Correira, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Greg Lanoue, Renee Katziff, Becky Kirk, Cameron McCampbell, Devin McManus, Kathryn Rose

Director's Report:
Mike Jones reported on the SCSL meeting. The main discussion was about how the league would be organized this year in terms of red/green divisions. Falmouth
voted against the split divisions, but the motion carried anyway. Teams were place randomly within the red and green divisions.

Coaches are still able to request that one of their games be rescheduled. They must ask Mike Jones to put in the request by February 1. The other club has the
option of accepting or decling the request. Coaches can see their team's schedule at

Registrar's Report:
Rick Chandler reported that all but 2 teams got their materials in to him by the deadline. Some players did not have birth certificates or pictures and they
were temporily removed from their team's roster. They can be placed back on the roster once the coach turns those materials in to Rick.

Equipment Report:
Mary Ryther asked for input on the equipment survey. Coaches will have up to $7 per player (plus $30 for new coaches) to buy equipment.

High Sschool Scholarships:
There was a discussion on high school scholarships for students who have been involved with the Falmouth Soccer Club. The discussion centered on giving up to $1000 to up to 5 students. We also discussed having the Falmouth Scholarship Committee decide the recipients of the scholarship rather than the
Falmouth Soccer Club Board of Directors. The Soccer Club would still decide the criteria for choosing the scholarship recipients.

Attendance by Coaches or their Representatives:-
There was a discussion about how to get more coaches to attend the soccer club meetings. One idea was to base practice field selection on meeting attendance
over the whole year. Another was to have a presentation by the Coaching Director on some aspect of coaching soccer at the beginning of each meeting. Finally, an
idea was suggested to hold a raffle at each meeting. We would appreciate input on this from the present coaches.

Practice Fields:
At the next meeting in February we will assign practice fields. We may solicit input from coaches regarding practice field preferences before the meeting.
Still, coaches must be present at this meeting to get their preferred practice field times.

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