Meeting Minutes - 2006

Club Meeting -- December 13, 2006

In Attendance: Tom Campball, Rick Chandler, Tor Clark, Phil Dascombe, Zach Ellis, Ed Furtek, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Rich Latimer, George Liles, Hassan Moustahfid, Mary Ryther, Derek Silcox, Don Swanbeck, Eric Thunberg

Secretary's Report:
Minutes from meeting of 11/08/06 were accepted without change.

Treasure's Report:
Coaches can turn in checks as they receive them from parents so that we don't hold them too long before they are deposited.

League Report:
1) The maximum number of players for 8v8 rosters for MTOC is 15.

2) The season begins on the weekend of March 31/April 1. There are no games scheduled for Easter weekend, which is April 7/8.

3) The schedule will be posted on January 1, and game times will be posted later.

4) Coaches may make one unrestricted request for schedule change. You must contact Patty Jones ( as soon as possible after the schedule is posted to do that.

5) Forfeit fees were raised to $50 for games 1-5 and $150 for games 6-8, with the exception that forfeit fees were raised to $150 for any game (games 1-8) at Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket.

6) There were not enough teams to a have a U09 girls Balanced Team division.

7) South Coast has officially decided NOT to reimburse clubs/individuals for referee courses and therefore Falmouth SC will not be reimbursing for future referee courses for individuals. This is due to a change in the way MSRC is running the courses and a significant increase in the course fees.

Other Business:
1) Paul Baber from Mass Premier Soccer came to the meeting and talked about their programs for youth soccer and opportunities to have our players go to the Cape Cod Crusader's games and have MPS players and coaches attend our practices.

2) Mary Ryther talked about the U10-U12 MYSA Skills Academy to be held at Falmouth Academy if we get enough kids to sign up. Sign-up will continue at the MYSA website until December 30. She urged coaches to get the word out to their players about this opportunity.

3) There were discussions about revamping the registration procedures and on field needs for the upcoming season.

Club Meeting -- November 8, 2006

In Attendance: Tom Campbell, Tor Clark, Rui Correia, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Rich Latimer, George Liles, Devin McManus, Kevin Mulvey, Helen Reuter, Mary Ryther, Don Swanbeck, Maurice Tivey, Eric Thunberg

Rick Chandler ( needs your MYSA forms and preliminary roster so that he can create SCSL rosters and player cards.

The board approved a plan to have five U13 girls play up with eleven U14 girls on a U14 Division 1 team. This still left fifteen true U13 girls to make a Division 1 U13 team, and a group of 14 players of combined U13 and U14 to make up a Division 2 U14 team. There was discussion about allowing players to play up in other age groups. Club policy was reiterated that players would be allowed to play up only with board approval, in cases where it served the best interests of club. The above approval is an example: 1) the U14 girls did not have enough players to field a Division 1 team, 2) the U13 girls had extra players who could play at the U14 Division 1 level, and 3) there were enough remaining players to field a U14 Division 2 team. It was felt that the differences between U13 Division 1 players and U14 Division 1 players were not that great, nor were the differences great between U13 Division 2 players and U14 Division 2 players. It was also noted that these two age groups already combine to make up the Jr. High team.

Mary Ryther presented a plan to organize a skills academy in Falmouth for U11 and U12 players during the winter from mid-January through March. The program would be taught by licensed coaches from the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and would involve 12 weekly, 1-hour sessions at a cost of $130 per player. The board gave approval for Mary to pursue securing a venue and working with MYSA to organize the sessions.

There was a brief discussion about field needs for the spring. It was pointed out that we will need extra fields to accommodate the additional teams that we have this year (23 or 24 vs. 21 last year). There was discussion about purchasing 8v8 nets, but a decision was postponed pending the SCSL meeting on November 14 where the size of the nets would be specified.

Club Meeting -- October 11, 2006

In Attendance: Rick Chandler, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Greg Lanoue, Frank Mastriano, Bob Petitt, Mary Ryther, Maurice Tivey

Expenditure Policy – The policy for committing club funds to specific purchases was discussed. It was decided that no one should commit to a club expenditure without prior board approval.

Playing Up – The issue of kids playing in older age groups was discussed. Frank Mastriano reminded the club that the existing policy states that kids can play with their correct age group or their correct grade level. Playing at any other level requires approval of the board.

MYSA Forms – MYSA membership forms can be downloaded from the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association website at

Coaching License – The club will encourage coaches to attend coaching clinics this winter and become licensed with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. The club will reimburse any coach for licensing class fees. The club will look into sponsoring a licensing class, as was done last year.

Club Meeting -- September 20, 2006

In Attendance: Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Pete Garcia, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Patti Jones, Becky Kirk, Julie Lamson, George Liles, Devin McManus, Christine Palcic.

League Business – Team registration fees are being increased from $165 to $175 per team. U12 will play only 8v8 (there will not be an 11v11 division this year). All clubs need to use official size goals for 8v8 (i.e. 7 x 21 feet). Last year’s U9 and U10 coaches should contact Mike Jones to pick up the participation medals for the SCSL Friendship Tournaments.

Annual Player Fees – The soccer club has increased player fees from $85 to $90 per year.

Uniforms – The discussion on uniforms was tabled until next meeting.

Mission Statement – A draft “Mission Statement” was discussed, amended, and approved. The approved version will be posted on the club web site.

Player and Parent Code of Conduct – A draft “Player and Parent Code of Conduct” was discussed, amended, and approved. The approved version will be posted on the club web site.

Field Use – Tom Campbell reported on discussions with Rec Committee about field use. Tom felt that we were able to make our point about needing more practice fields in the spring.

Tryouts – Trotting Park Fields have been reserved for Saturday October 14 (after 2:30) and Sunday October 15 (all day) for soccer club tryouts. Coordinators have been identified for most age groups and are listed below. Coordinators are responsible for running the tryouts, making decisions regarding the make-up of the teams and what SCSL division they will play in, and helping to arrange coaching for the teams within their age group with input from the club President. Coordinators will be able to schedule a tryout field through Becky Kirk ( ).

U09B – Mary Ryther
U10B – TBD
U11B – Jim Quinn
U12B – Bob Jessman
U13B – George Liles
U14B – George Liles
U15B – Kerry Mahoney

U09G – TBD
U10G – Greg Lanoue
U11G – Becky Kirk
U12G – Rich Cammara
U13G – Helen Reuter
U14G – Helen Reuter
U15G – Ed Furtek
U16G – Laura Hesek
U18G – Julie Lamson

Next Meeting – The next general meeting of the Falmouth Soccer Club will be Wednesday October 11 at 7:00 at the Rec Center. Each age-group coordinator (or their representative) must attend this meeting. Email Becky Kirk if you have a problem attending this meeting and can’t find a representative.

Club Meeting -- June 14, 2006

In Attendance: Tom Campbell, Tor Clark, Rick Chandler, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, George Liles, Mary Ryther, Don Swanbeck.

Treasure’s Report:
The club has about $8,800 in the bank with debits of $750 (scholarships) and $500 (referee fees) still pending. George Liles presented a preliminary budget for next year. There was discussion about budgeting more money to hold coaching clinics. There was a discussion about how much the player fees should be for next year. Final budget and player fee will be decided in the fall.

Club News:
Individual $250 scholarships were awarded to high school seniors Anne Purcell, Elizabeth Kirk, and Brian Latimer for meritorious participation and service to Falmouth soccer.

League Report:
Mike Jones reported on a number of sportsmanship issues that came before the league sportsmanship committee. He also reported on Nantucket wanting to raise the forfeit fee because of teams not wanting to take the boat to Nantucket. Finally, he mentioned a proposal to centralize referee assignments. He felt that this was not good for Falmouth where we have a pool of high quality referees.

Field Report:
The nets from the club-owned 8 x 24 goals will be removed and the goal frames will be locked to a tree at Trotting Park for storage. Tom Campbell brought the club up to date on his interactions with the town about field use and preparations for his presentation at the Rec Committee meeting in July. He will circulate a draft of his presentation, which will be discussed by the Executive Board, before the July Rec Committee meeting.

Club Meeting -- May 10, 2006

In Attendance: Steve Boyd, Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Rui Correia, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Greg Lanoue, George Liles, Devon McManus, Christina Palcic, Helen Reuter, Mary Ryther

Uniform Discussion:
Falmouth Soccer Club is considering ending the practice of buying uniforms for the players. Angelo from All Cape Sports presented a plan for dealing with uniforms in the event that we do decide to “get out of the uniform business”. The plan he presented is what Sandwich Soccer Club does presently. Around November, representatives from All Cape Sports would come to Falmouth for one or two nights to allow parents and players to get fitted and to pay for the uniform (shirt, shorts, and socks). The uniforms would be delivered in late January. Any mistakes would be fixed at no cost. All Cape Sports would have an inventory for players who didn’t order in the fall. Players could use their uniform from year to year and buy a new one only when needed.
Angelo said that he would need to know by August if we wanted to proceed with the plan this year.

Secretary’s Report: April minutes were accepted.

Treasure’s Report:
The club has about $9,800 in the bank with no major invoices pending. This represents about a $1,500 budget deficit for this year. It was felt that there would be no money for scholarships this year.

Club News:
A number of the large goals, including one of the 8v8 game goals, are broken and need welding. Christina volunteered her husband. Tom suggested we pay him something for his generous services.

League Report:
• Falmouth leads the league in fines for late reporting.

• Coaches need to finalize their rosters by May 24 to be in compliance for the league playoffs and MTOC.

• First round of league playoff games must be completed by June 11 and finals must be completed by June 18. If coaches cannot agree on a date, the games will be played on the team’s regular game day of the respective weekend.

• New Bedford was protested for using a 90 yd field for an 8v8 game. The protest was upheld.

• The league board had a discussion about standardizing the 8v8 goal size for next year. MTOC plans to go with 70 x 50 yard field and 6 ft x 18 ft goals. The league is thinking about adopting that size goal for all 8v8 games but leaving SCSL field specifications as they are now with some flexibility (i.e. length 60 to 80 yds. and width 40 to 50 yds).

Old Business:
Women’s pick-up soccer would like to use Trotting Park on Sundays after 5:00PM. This was approved with the stipulation that the use of the fields for make-up games would take priority, though it was thought that one of three game fields would always be available at that time.

Club Meeting -- April 12, 2006

In Attendance: David Babineau, Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, George Liles, Mary Ryther, Becky Kirk.

Secretary’s Report: February minutes were accepted.

Treasure’s Report:
The club has about $18,000 in the bank. All teams have turned in their player fees. We have an outstanding invoice for $8,400 for new uniforms. There was a discussion about how to handle uniforms in the future including how to get them returned at the end of this season, if we wanted to make parents buy the uniforms in the future (like what Sandwich does), and how do we adjust the fees that we charge per child if we do require players to buy their uniforms. Further discussion was tabled until next meeting pending having the treasure furnish a breakdown of costs for next year.
We also discussed if we had enough money this year to furnish scholarships for a high school senior girl and boy who have had a long term involvement with town soccer. It was decided to accept nominations for this year (and decide later if we have the money to award scholarships this year) but include scholarship money in the budget for next year.

League Report:
Coaches need to report game scores within 2 days of playing their game. The club is charged $25 for each score not reported to the SCSL web site ($50 for games later in the season). We have already been charged $100 for late score reporting.
The zero-tolerance policy was reiterated. There was a discussion of proper coach and parent behavior. Coaches are responsible for setting a good example for the players and are responsible for parent behavior. Coaches and parents are expected to act responsibly even if the other team’s coaches and parents are exhibiting poor behavior.
Any roster changes will require a $2 fee per player addition or subtraction.

Club News:
• There are new nets on the 11v11 field courtesy of the Rec Dept. Please thank Helen if you get the chance.

• There is now a portable bathroom at Trotting Part thanks to Mike Burton and the Girls Lacrosse Club.

• As part of Earth Week April 29 to May 6, please take 10 minutes out of your practice to have your team help pick up trash around Trotting Park. Extra gloves and trash bags will be placed in the sheds at Trotting Park for that week.

• Clarification of weather policy – games will be canceled only if the fields are unplayable. Tell your parents that unless they hear from you, the game is on.

• Thank you to Tom Bunker of BSS Design for surveying the fields.

• Coaches: remember to bring in corner flags after your game unless a coach has arrived for the next game. If no team has arrived then lock flags in the shed.

Club Meeting -- February 8, 2006

In Attendance: Talia Bigelow, Rich Camarra, Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, John Child, Tor Clark, Phil Dascombe, Ed Furtek, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Drew Kitts, Greg Lanoue, George Liles, Devin McManus, Pam Noonan, Christina Palcic, Bob Petitt, Jim Price, Mary Ryther, Eric Thunberg, Maurice Tivey

Secretary’s Report: January minutes were reviewed.

Treasurer’s Report: The club has about $20,000 in the bank. A few teams still need to give checks to the treasurer.

League Report: No league report since the SCSL meeting is next week. Some of the new coaches still need to register online at by clicking on “Coach’s Corner” and following the links to the “Click Here to Register” button.

Coaching Course: A 4-hour G Level coach’s course will be given Sunday, February 26 from 9:00a-1:00p at Morse Pond School. Contact Becky Kirk if you plan to attend. The course is free for FSC coaches.

Equipment: There was a discussion of how best to anchor nets. It was decided to buy anchors for 8’ x 24’ nets and sandbags for the 6’ x 12’ nets. The town will buy new nets for the goals on the 11 v 11 field. FSC will buy nets for the 6 v 6 nets. We have nets for the club-owned 8’ x 24’ nets that will go on the 8 v 8 field. Team jerseys and practice equipment will be handed out at the next soccer club meeting on March 18 at Trotting Park, after the fields are lined.

Fields: Sign-up for practice fields at Trotting Park (U10-U14), high school (U15 and above), and Fuller Field (U9) was conducted. The U9 coaches asked about lining Fuller Field. Tom Campbell thought that that would be all right and would check with the Rec Dept.

Rules Review: Mike Jones reviewed SCSL and FSC policies that coaches need to be aware of for games:

• Bring two (2) copies of roster and your player cards to every game
• Bring exact cash to pay referees (3 officials for U12 11 v 11 and above; 1 official for younger age groups)
• Bring MYSA forms to the game in case of injuries that require medical attention
• Players may not wear casts of any kind
• Coaches set up corner flags and put them away unless another team is at the field ready to play
• Coaches make sure nets are ready for their game

Rick Chandler, Eric Thunberg, Mike Jones and Maurice Tivey gave an overview of FIFA rules and rule changes for 2006.

Club Meeting -- January 11, 2006

In Attendance: David Babineau, Jeff Burt, Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Ed Furtek, Mark Grosenbaugh, Laura Hesek, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, George Liles, Devin McManus, Christina Palcic, Sandee Parkinson, Don Swanbeck

Secretary’s Report: December minutes, which are posted on the FSC website, were approved by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report: The club is in good financial shape with about $5500 in the bank. Payment has been made to SCSL for 21 team registrations. Payment is still to be made to MYSA for player memberships. Checks for FSC player fees have yet to be deposited.

League Report:

• The schedules have been posted on the SCSL website at They can be viewed by clicking on “Schedules & Results” and then clicking on “Spring”.

• The following three teams have an “extra” game that still needs to be scheduled. This is caused by there being an odd number of teams in the division and having a bye on one of the weekends when the other teams are playing a game. Coaches of these teams should contact Patti Jones ( and give preference when they want to schedule the extra game.

Division Coach Game
U09B BT Pamela Noonan & Rui Correia Falmouth Team 2 at Falmouth Team 1
U10B2 Jim Quinn Bourne at Falmouth
U12B1 Drew Kitts Sandwich at Falmouth

• If there are any scheduling conflicts, coaches should contact Patti Jones by February 1. Each team gets one unrestricted reschedule request, though the other team can say no to the reschedule request. Requests may be made based on religious or school conflicts and these are honored. However, you need to make requests for these now rather than later. If you make the request too late, it may be denied. Note that no games are scheduled for the weekend of April 15-16.

• New coaches should register on the web at by clicking on “Coach’s Corner” and following the links to the “Click Here to Register” button. The new coaches are:
Dave Babineau
Jeff Burt
Rui Correia
Pamela Noonan
Jim Quinn

• All other coaches are registered from last year. If your email has changed from last year's registration, email Patti to have your old registration deleted. If your email is the same as last year, your registration is all set. Patti will notify you via email when your logon is activated and you are able to access the Coach's Corner. Once notified, try logging onto the Coach's Corner. Don't wait until the start of the season to discover there is a problem with your logon.

• Coaching Course: MYSA has mandated that you need to take the G Level coach’s course before taking the F Level course. Falmouth SC will try to schedule a 4-hour G Level coach’s course for Sunday February 26. Falmouth SC will also hold a rules seminar for coaches before the season starts using some of our senior referees.

Fields: Tom Campbell reported on further discussions with the Recreation and School Departments regarding spring field use.

• The School Department approved our use of the JV softball field at the High School (the field where the soccer kickboard is located). The U15-U18 girls have use of that field M-F from 5-8PM before May 1 and MWF from 5-8PM after May 1.

• It was decided to use Guv Fuller Field for all U9 practices and not use the field behind Morse Pond because of concerns about it being too wet in the early spring.

• Trotting Park will be used for U10-U14 team practices MWF with the idea that 6-7 teams could share the practice fields at one time. Coaches would have the option of arranging full-field scrimmages with other teams practicing at the same time and on the same field.

• We are not able to use Trotting Park on TTh before 5:30 because of the possibility of High School athletic use. In response to a question regarding the use of Trotting Park on MWF by High School athletics, Tom was told by the Rec. Dept. that we have exclusive use of the field on MWF.

• All teams will play their games at Trotting Park, with the main soccer field used for 11v11, the north end of Trotting Park (towards Brick Kiln Rd) set up for 8v8 games, and a 6v6 field set up at the southwest corner.

• According to the minutes of the SCSL December 2005 meeting, 8v8 games have the option of using goals of any size from 6’x12’ up to 8’x24’. MTOC will probably use 8’x24’ goals. The field size and field markings are to follow the SCSL rules listed for U10 play with the recommended size being 70 yds x 50 yds. The consensus of Falmouth SC was to make the field 80 yds x 50 yds. Mark Grosenbaugh felt that this might be too long for U10 players. Devin McManus said that his last year’s U10G team didn’t seem to have any problems playing on 80 yd long field. The 8v8 field will be positioned so that it can be elongated and widened, with different colored lines, to create a second 11v11 field, which can be used for make-up games.

• Tom suggested that we tell the Rec Dept. that we don’t need Falmouth Heights at the moment though we may ask for it in the spring if we need an extra field because of cancellations and rescheduling conflicts.

Equipment: Christina Palcic reported on equipment.

• We have a new equipment supplier – All Cape Sports. They are willing to give us a good discount on uniforms if we decide on a style and keep that style for a minimum of 5 years.

• Christina suggested that we discuss, at a future meeting, the idea of having players purchase their own uniform rather than the club purchasing all the uniforms and handing them out for free. The current policy makes it difficult to get uniforms returned once the season is over.

• Coaches should forward equipment needs to Christina (, including balls, disk cones, and pinnies. Two new game balls will be provided to each team.

• It was decided to purchase two 8’x24’ nets for the town-owned goals on the main 11v11 soccer field at Trotting Park. These would be taken up and stored at the end of the season. The frames for the second pair of 8’x24’ goals, which we own and have nets for and are chained to the storage shed at Trotting Park, need to be checked for possible vandalism. We will ask the town for use of the 6’x12’ goals.

Old Business: Information for the telephone Hot-Line is still coming.

New Business: None

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