Meeting Minutes - 2005

Club Meeting -- December 14, 2005

In Attendance – Julie Angell, David Babineau, Brad Barron, Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Tor Clark, Rui Correia, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Julie Lamson, George Liles, Bob Petit, Jim Price

Secretary’s Report – October and November minutes are posted on the FSC website. October and November minutes were approved by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report – Coaches are responsible for collecting individual checks. Treasurer only logs the total amount of money per team and number of scholarships given per team.

Registration – Rick Chandler would like all player cards and birth certificates turned into him before December 25.

League Report –

• The MTOC tournament has been scheduled for June 23-25 and maybe even the 26th because of added divisions for 8v8. At MTOC, the 8v8 games will probably use full sized 8x24 foot goals. MYSA also announced a recommended field size of 70x50 for 8v8 games.

• SCSL is planning to start games during the 1st weekend of April and not have games over Easter weekend.

• “Zero Tolerance” rules will be enforced more vigorously this year.

• Barnstable Soccer Club is holding 8 & 9 level referee courses on March 4 (see for details).

• Mariner Soccer Club is holding G Level, F Level, and E Level coaching courses in January. The courses are posted on the Massachusetts Youth Soccer website:

Coaching Course – Falmouth SC will look into holding an F Level coach’s course during the 1st part of March.

Fields – Tom Campbell reported on meeting with Rec. Dept. officials regarding spring field use. The Rec. Department gave the following field assignments for Travel Soccer:

Practice –
Trotting Park MWF
Band Shell (2 small fields) MTWThF
Games –
Trotting Park Sat/Sun
Falmouth Heights Sat/Sun

Discussion of the field assignments centered on concern about the safety of practicing at the Band Shell fields which are very close to a busy street (Scranton Avenue) and the Falmouth Harbor parking lot. The club agreed to reject the Band Shell fields as currently configured and go back to the Rec. Dept. to ask for different field assignments or ask that the Band Shell fields be made safer. The club will also pursue finding additional fields through the Rec. Dept. or privately owned organizations. The club decided to not reinstate its annual contribution of $1000 to the Rec. Dept.

MLS Soccer Program – Becky Kirk presented literature on using MLS personnel to help coach travel soccer teams for a fee. There was no interest from any club members in pursuing such a program.

Old Business – Mike Jones asked that the club pay for the recertification of Falmouth-based referees and also that the club pay for new referee course fees when not covered by the SCSL. Both motions were approved.

New Business – Information for the telephone hotlines will be coming soon.

Club Meeting -- November 9, 2005

Secretary Report – No report and no corrections as Mark was absent.

Treasurer’s Report – We have about $10,000 in the account.

Teams – There are a total of 21 teams divided accordingly:

U09 – 3 teams
U10 – 1 team D2
U11 – 3 teams (2 D1 and 1 D2)
U12 – 1 team (D1 wants to play 8v8)
U13 – 1 team D1
U14 – 1 team D1 (needs coach)

U09 – 1 team
U10 – 1 team
U11 – 2 teams (1 D1 and 1 D2)
U12 – 2 teams (1 D1 and 1 D2)
U13 – 1 team
U14 – 1 team
U15 – 1 team
U16 – 1 team
U18 – 1 team

Registration – Rick Chandler needs each team’s MYSA forms as soon as possible in order to make up official rosters and player cards.

League News:
• According to League rules, rescheduling of games can take place during the reschedule period, which is published with the initial schedule in January. One unrestricted reschedule is allowed per team. Rescheduling of other games is only allowed for religious or school conflicts.
• A referee recertification course will be held in Hyannis on December 18th.
• The League may raise fees for the upcoming season.

Club News – We will schedule an F level coaching course in Falmouth.

• Need 30 practice times/week for 21 the teams.
• Need Falmouth Heights for games on Saturday and Sunday (for U10 boys and girls, U11 boys and girls, and U12 boys).
• Need Trotting Park for games on Saturday and Sunday (for all other teams).
• Becky Kirk and Tom Campbell to meet with Recreation Dept. staff to work out field use.

Club Meeting -- October 12, 2005

In attendance: Becky Kirk, Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, George Liles, Mike Jones, Patti Jones, Mark Grosenbaugh, Bob Petitt, David Babineau, Phil Dascombe, Mary Ryther, Devin McManus, Don Swanbeck, Julie Lamson.

Tryouts Procedures - Procedures for tryouts were discussed. It was agreed to proceed with tryouts for this weekend, October 15 and 16. The fields are also reserved for the following weekend if additional tryouts/rain dates are needed.

Tryout leaders are reminded that:

• MYSA membership forms must be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian before a child is allowed to tryout. This is for club liability.

• All kids who tryout must be logged in so that there is a written record of who tryouts.

• Tryout leaders should check with the club president (Becky Kirk) if there are extra kids who cannot be placed immediately on a team. Do not inform the other kids as to which team they are on until all the kids who have tried out for your age group are placed on a team.

• Tryout leaders are responsible for overseeing SCSL registration of all teams at their age group, not just the team they are coaching.

Registering teams for SCSL – Registration procedures were discussed. Detailed procedures and forms for registering teams for SCSL are given on the FSC web site.

Previous minutes - The minutes of the previous general meeting of the Falmouth Soccer Club were approved.

The next general meeting of the Falmouth Soccer Club will be Wednesday, November 9 at 7:00 at Gus Canty Center.

Executive Board Meeting -- October 12, 2005

The meeting was held before the general Falmouth Soccer Club meeting.

In attendance: Becky Kirk, President; Tom Campbell, 2nd Vice-President; Rick Chandler, Registrar; George Liles, Treasurer; Mike Jones, SCSL Rep; Patti Jones, SCSL Alternate Rep; Mark Grosenbaugh, Secretary.

The following proposals were discussed and voted on:

1) Formation of U08 travel teams – It was decided that if there are enough players then it is OK to form a U08 team, which may be coed. This proposal passed unanimously.

2) Mandatory formation of two-year age groups for U11-U16 - As proposed in Proposal #1 that was posted on the web page ( This proposal was defeated 6-0 with one abstention.

3) Optional formation of two-year age groups – It was decided that Falmouth Soccer Club will allow for combining two age groups with approval of the Executive Board in each instance. This proposal passed unanimously.

4) Commitment to Division 1 Soccer – It was agreed without voting on a specific proposal that Division 1 coaches can “take availability for travel team games and tournament games into consideration during tryouts”. It was felt that this philosophy is covered under the current club by-laws.

5) Balanced teams for U09 and U10 – Proposal #2 as posted on the web page, which mandates the formation of balance teams at U10 age groups and below, passed unanimously.

Club Meeting - September 14, 2005

League News

1. Spring 2006 South Coast will only offer 8 v 8 soccer at the U11 level (i.e. no 11 v 11), and if four or more clubs wish they will offer 8 v 8 at U12 in addition to 11 v 11. Additionally, in Spring 2007 U12 will also go to 8 v 8.

2. Referee compensation has changed to the following:
U08­-U10 - Ref $20
U11-U12 - Ref $35/AR $15
U13-U14 - Ref $35/AR $20
U15+ - Ref $50/AR $25
3-person crews will be required for all 11 v 11 games.

3. There is a special meeting of the MYSA General Membership this Sunday for the purpose of voting an annual fee increase to $11 per member ($3 more than 2005) to pay for the field complex MYSA is building in Lancaster. Falmouth has one vote at the meeting; South Coast voted unanimously to oppose the increase.

Club Business

1. We still do not have a president. Don Swanbeck agreed to run the meeting tonight. Don provided a rundown of the various responsibilities of the President. These include dealing with the Rec department to arrange for fields, running Club meetings, dealing with coaching assignments as well as parents and complaints/issues regarding team assignments and coaching. During the Spring season the President also has the responsibility/authority to cancel games due to weather.

2. In light of the increase in referee fees and the likely increase in MYSA fees the Club will be increasing its annual registration fee $10, from $75 to $85 per player.

3. In consideration of the large amount of volunteer time coaches and directors put into running practices, making game arrangements and conducting Club business, the Club decided to waive the registration fee for one child for each coach and director.

4. The Club has approximately $10,000 in its account which is approximately where we have been in past years at this time.

5. The Club had a lengthy discussion of the proposed change to double age group teams for U-11/U-12 and U-13/U-14. The current Club policy is as follows: "Players in the FSC shall play in their appropriate age group as defined by the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). The only exception will be that a player or the child of a coach may “play up” one year (i.e. with an older age group) to play with classmates." The proposed policy change (click here for the detailed proposal) would modify this policy when the Club determines that fielding double age group teams is appropriate.

6. Tryouts will be the weekend after Columbus Day (October 15/16). U-11/U-12 and U-13/U-14 will be run concurrently. This will allow coaches to identify appropriate skill levels for the age groups and to get a feel for how many players will need to be placed and how many teams may be formed. Don will place an ad in the Enterprise announcing the tryout schedule and contact information for coaches that will be running the tryout. Christina will work up some flyers to get the word out.

7. The next Club meeting will take place on October 12th. The Executive Board will meet at 6:30 to vote on the double age group proposal. The Board will also vote on a proposal to change the following current Club policy regarding participation in other sports:

"FSC coaches shall to the extent possible make participation in other sports (and other activities in general) possible for their players. In no case shall a coach “prevent” a player from playing in other sports, and the coach should be as flexible as possible in allowing players to experience new sports and activities. Players may not be benched for missing a practice or game due to a conflict with another activity. Conversely, it is expected that players make a real commitment to their FSC team; therefore, repeated absences without a “reasonable” excuse and/or the failure to notify their coach of absences may result in disciplinary action, including the loss of playing time."

The proposed change would permit a Division 1 coach to require players to commit to attendance at games, practices, and tournaments.

8. The Executive Board is requesting feedback (a simple yeah or nay will suffice) from Club members on the two proposed policy changes. Please send any comment to my office email as I only have dial-up at home. My office email is

9. Lastly, Mark Grosenbaugh has agreed to take over as Sectretary effective at the October meeting. This means that Mark will be a voting member of the Executive Board at that meeting.

Club Meeting - June 8, 2005

1. Anyone that had a playoff game and needs reimbursement for referee fees should contact George Liles.

2. A sign-up for next year's coaching interests was passed around. Anyone not in attendance should call or email Ed Furtek to let him know what gender/age group you would like to be involved with.

3. The uniforms we are currently using will no longer be available. Please contact Ed if you would like to be on a committee to choose a new uniform style. Parents/players are welcome.

4. The Club has been contemplating/discussing going to double age groups for several reasons. There are concerns that single age-groups are resulting in providing few opprtunities for players to make a Division 1 team; doubling up age groups would permit fielding more competetive Division 1 teams; MTOC continues to be based on double age groups. Several options for implementing the policy were discussed (including not doing it). A decision will be made at the September meeting. A more formal proposal will be developed and circulated among the Club. The Executive Board will vote on the proposed change in September. The plan is to have a strawman proposal to send out in August for comment.

5. Anyone that still has a key to one of the equipment boxes at the Heights, Trotting Park or Administration building fields should turn them in to Tom Campbell.

6. Ed Furtek is looking for someone to replace him as President. Ed's fall schedule (boys soccer coach at Mashpee high) is too full to allow him to continue as President. Please contact him if you are interested.

7. I am also looking for a replacement. I have been Secretary now for three years and would be more than happy to concentrate of referee duties and leave the FSC duties to someone would like to be more actively involved in the Club.

Club Meeting - February 9, 2005

League News

1. The interleague transfer deadline is May. This only affects players U-15 and above.

2. Score reporting must be done within two calendars days of when the game was played. Anyone that has difficulties reporting their scores should send an email to Patti Jones.

3. Referees will be required to register on the SCSL website and will be required to report scores.


1. Uniforms, balls, and ball bags have been ordered. Need to order first aid kits.

2. New goals were delivered last week. They will replace the goals at the Heights field.

3. Need to order a set of four corner flags for Trotting Park.

4. The Club will pay to have a new equipmemnt shed installed at Trotting Park.

Club News

1. The Team Hot Lines will be available again this year. The phone numbers, box numbers and passwords will be provided to Ed for distribution at our March meeting. Anyone needing this information beforehand should contact Ed.

2. The March meeting will be 10:00 AM on March 19th. This meeting is mandatory for all coaches. If you can't be there send an assistant or parent to represent your team. You will receive uniforms, passcards, money for referees and equipment. Coaches will be required to assist in getting the fields lined.

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